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To flavor heck it out here at in winner haven uh we have a special guest to we were talking about catering earlier and how will try to conquer my buddies uh birthday party so we brought subbing had here the hell they're talking about it's josh kahan tiehan to handtohand of a true craft gouge true kraft is is it a barbecue joy is a catering what is it exactly so true kraft is a few different things first and foremost its barbecue catering company that's focused on really small played so as far as some caterers out there that roll up these big smokers can you four or five in her people we really focus around the hundred mark as far as the matters because we like to have strict control over things and make sure everything stopped notch and secondly it's an education of facility if you've got a facility but i go out a mighty different types of gatien events teach people how to use the big rene go to new arm in home barbecue lessons things like that so it's really a it's a brand that encompasses everything barbecue like a catering that we're interactive cater interactive catering where i we did a party for have that we did a party for a few folks i'll take them out of the party for a few folks in the whole thing was wall after you're done teach my husband had to do it in he end who had bigger next there so we took the food up their showed up here's how you would do the brisket here's how you get the exit up so it's really just about perpetuating the craft of barbecue that's whites true crafts to true craft to learn it and it's a true craft when you sit there nudist eating it and doubt of thought to whether it openly talked with you've heard to the grapevine that now we're gonna take the of merchandise is of a white though on guide the at west shore and try to do some culinary things there the lovely palea's live do some at cooking classes and neither do some place the exist self submitted we'll talk to figure out some things get you involved with adbic right now through crafty guys involved craft beer at all so i love crappier who does it i am drinking a crappier swelling hitting radio uk were bud light people but it's okay it's.

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