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Check I labs that Com Line four and that in Tustin, thank youfor patiently holding on in that. No problem, Leo. Thanks for taking my call. My pleasure. So I upgraded my window. Seven. Pc two. Windows 10 About six months ago. Everything been good, good until about a week and 1/2 ago. I booted up my computer and Windows icon came on the screen. And there's usually a little progress indicator thoughts chasing each other around in a circle that didn't happen, and I waited and waited and waited. So I powered up power to back on. It starts up normally great. Well, that's the scenario every day Now. It's you've got a double clutch to get it started, huh? Yeah. Yeah, this worry that one day it was not going to start up. I did some looking on the Internet. There's all kinds of advice out there about unplugging us the devices and rebooting or Disabling fast startup or doing a ritual of those air accurate. Okay, so there's a lot of the reason is, it could be a lot of reasons for it. Certainly. USB devices kins halt boot. So if you've got an external drivers, so they plugged in. It's worth just because that's the easiest thing to do. I always start with the easy stuff, right? Right. So let's unplug the USB devices. See if that stops it lets certainly turning off Windows fast. Food is a good idea. Windows fast boots, a terrible feature that should not be On windows and doesn't speed things up. Don't worry about it. But honestly, the symptom you described implies that the first time it's not warm enough. It's booting up from a cold start the second time it's gotten a little warmer, and it's doing better. That is not unusual with computer hardware, especially with spinning disks. You have the old style hard drive, not a solid state drive. So I have a spinning disk. I do have Ah, small, solid state drive, which least when I was running Windows seven. It would boot off that drive, but I don't know what it's doing now. That's that until hybrid drive. Probably, Yeah. Um That's an interesting question. The way the this weird hybrid drive is supposed to work is a very small it was the solution with necessities were very expensive. So it's very small. You've heard me talk. You're obviously sophisticated, You know about all this stuff, So if this is not for you for your benefit, this is for everybody listening, but the idea was Yo SS teaser too expensive will give you a teensy one like a 64 gig SST too small that really be useful, But we'll put the things you need Fastest will put there and the rest of it could be in the spinning drive less expensive. Spinning drive. It's not a good solution, and nowadays it's really better to use an SST because the prices have fallen. What it sounds like to me, You know, a solid state drive wouldn't have this issue, but a spinning drive could as it's cool. Just the alignment is slightly different as it warms up. Oh, yeah, I can read that sector. If you have a sector that's hard to read. Sometimes a zit warms up. It'll be easier to read. And this is a very common problem with spinning hard drives so honestly. I would try all the little things like the fast turn off fast food in the USB. Everything you've read tries lies is not significantly changing your system. But ultimately it might be that a new hard drive helps thie other and and this would be a chance for you to put a nice fast SST in there, and they're not expensive 100 bucks thie and you could do Is it a laptop or desktop? Easy on the desktop, easy peasy, thie other things. Sometimes the power supplies will do this as well and the power supplies. They're easy to replace, but a little brisk ecause. They have capacities of them. They could hold a charge. They're not expensive. They're actually less probably them the hard drive replacement but involves opening the case on screwing some stuff, putting a new one in It's a little trickier. But if if if the power supplies flaky and you're getting low voltage with them, you know as you the next time you turn it on, you get sufficient voltage for everything to start up. It starts up, that's fine. You know, one way to fix this. Just don't turn your computer off. Hello. Oh, no. Ah, no, I think the phone died again. Now we Ah, have a fairly complicated form phone system. And one of the pieces of that phone system is a voice over the Internet provider. And we've checked our systems at the studio. Rebooted him. Everything's fine. You hear that sound of silence. That means they're the trunk died. The VoIP service that we use died and we got the engineers. That ones that goes back down. Teo, you professor Laura? And the engineers in the Premier network because they are the people who leased that she's back and that's back. Yu do anything or just came back. It just came back a set line. Good. Oh, so ah! Wow. Ah! What did I ask you before we were so rudely interrupted. I can't remember. But yeah, this this you I wouldn't do the power supply yourself. You sound fairly technical. If you feel comfortable doing it, that might be worth it. Getting a new hard drive. The nice thing about that is it's not a bad thing do anyway, It's going to speed up a lot. How big is the hard drive? And now she's gone. There's a there's a technical term. They use for this? In the computer business is flapping. That's when something goes up and down and up and down. It kind of.

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