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You've got. I think you got the bad bobby and having it wasn't a bad bob but I i didn't know if we got there or not. But he had his nose now when he counted It worked out while the source showed us some run last fall And then giving us enough. He gave us an confidence to put him on a plane and go to california with him. Ranch it's a little bit flat out there and then we brought him back and Seven and a half. I think the first level allowances a seven and a half and it just was not enough ground for him that day and and he rebound well. The other day it was it was a nice race off the way off. He's a half the british hit him and one that obviously honestly doesn't care much for the dirt when training on it but he does take to the grass much better. Well a couple of other Let's touch on a couple of other State performers and get some updates and of course A a a fairly loaded wagon. Brad cox with us Give us some updates on manned lunar and caddo river about both are doing really well man to learn how to i. Work since the risen star this past weekend He'll have another. He'll he'll have work this weekend leading up to the louisiana derby Caddo river His last works at his been fantastic. He's pointing for the rebel He'll have another work this weekend. Fairgrounds and then shipped to oaklawn but couldn't really be asking either horse to do any better Kc rivers last two works. Expend really off the charts. I mean just really training well and you know showing us exactly what you wanna see when you're going to do running in a a great steak rice so He he obviously has experienced. Oaklawn worship him up week of the race and You know he. He's really an inspiring very happy with the way training and cheroots with them. Well you know that that's a question at some point Flaw is is is going to have to and and decision with caddo and mandolin right. Yeah well i certainly hope they do certainly make a decision and i hope it's a really hard one for him to make because That's really what you you know how you want it to work out. And you know we'll see you know Both are very colts. I honestly can't.

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