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Your premium could vary depending on your health issue in company and other factors not available in all states distinctly, But Jack Callahan, Fox News president, Trump telling a campaign rally outside Pittsburgh Tuesday night the opponent is against oil. Guns and God upcoming election, the most important in the country's history. Joe Bike not on the campaign trail Tuesday, his running mate, Kamala Harris, attending a roundtable meeting in Detroit and I both have a very strong and long standing commitment to organized labor. What we need to do to always support collective bargaining, um to work against rightto work long a week before the first presidential debate, the candidates now know what they'll be Asked about Fox News Sunday, host Chris Wallace will ask President Trump and former Vice President Biden about their records, the Supreme Court covert 19 race and violence in US cities in the integrity of the elections. The commission on Presidential Debates is released. The topic selected. Each of those segments will be 15 minutes in length. The first debate is next week. Tuesday, September 9th at Case Western Reserve University in Cleveland Clinic in Ohio Boxes Jared Helper of the House who's voted overwhelmingly to approve a stopgap spending measure that will keep the government open through December. The 11th Spending authority would have expired at the end of the month. As the US passes 200,000 deaths blamed on the Corona virus, a report the FDA is typing the vaccine approval process. The Washington Post reports. The FDA is about to roll out tough new standards for any emergency authorization of a Corona virus vaccine, making it exceedingly difficult to get one cleared before Election Day. The higher standard, they're said to be an effort to boost public confidence back in May, polls showed 42% of adults would definitely get the vaccine and others 30% probably would. But this month, the number of definite was cut in half, too. Just two out of 10. That's Fox's Rick Leventhal. America is listening to Fox News. From the Maas Nissan Traffic.

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