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He's a former secretary of the navy served under Republican president and. But who's now we need? We didn't catch. You got cut off who is that. Jim webb. The a former career and he's a former secretary of the navy. And I just I I don't think he would have a chance he didn't have much chance last time. The democrat party has so. Move away from men like him Sam Nunn. Former Senator that I could have voted for looked at seriously as a presidential candidate. Even though I'm not a democrat, but he wouldn't even be acceptable today's democrat party, but I someone I would like to see him with he's he's a good man as as good instincts and is able to work across the aisle. Sincerely, and to do things he worked for Republican president is sexy or in the name of the people who announced could you pick one of them to sit down and have a Cup of coffee with. Yeah. I'd love to have a Bernie Sanders. He was the great. How would enjoy that? He would if he was letting me tall. And if he was listening. And not, you know, not just demagogue everything. I like him. His personality. I don't like you. They believe but. Would be great. Lindsey Graham said about do, you know, what Lindsey Graham said about Bernie Sanders. I always have these stories. Bernie Sanders got married in the Soviet Union. And some people think he never came back. That's funny..

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