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I'm Michael Barr. An attorney representing US athletes who say they were sexually assaulted by. Dr Larry Nassar is calling for further investigation of USA gymnastics. After it filed for bankruptcy attorney, John. Manley says the bankruptcy filing is an attempt to shield the organization after it failed to stop Nassar's abuses. Manley said US gymnastics and the US Olympic Committee failed to protect the country's Olympic athletes. The most basic duty we have as adults and as somebody who's going to protect our team America's team is to protect them from harm and the US Olympic Committee has utterly failed to do that. But Chinese investor group led by anti-sports products reached a five point two billion dollar deal to acquire the maker of Wilson, tennis rackets and Louisville slugger baseball bat as it seeks to bring high end athletic equipment to China's wealthy consumers. And that is a Bloomberg business of sports report. I'm Michael Barr. Imagine. Imagine being denied an apartment because of your religion race or because you have children or disability. It's so wrong. Yes. But who has the power to stop this? Each of us has the power law is on your side. It's illegal for landlords to discriminate because of race color, religion, sex, national, origin, disability familial status. If you suspect that you're experienced housing discrimination complaint without immediately..

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