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Biden sees a political opportunity for himself and for the Democratic Party for himself. He sees a chance to really hone in on an issue that can apiece both black and white communities and insulate himself for sure what was going to be a tough reelection in the Senate and for the Democratic Party. He thinks he can change the reputation that Democrats have Abbas being soft on crime. He sees focusing on this issue as an opportunity to broaden the Democrats National Appeal and actually become the leaders on reforming the criminal justice system. So what does he actually June. Now that he's landed on this issue as his focus so biden works his way onto the most important committee that focuses on this issue the Senate Judiciary Committee and for him to accomplish anything. He knows that he needs to have working. Relationships with Republicans who at this point are in the majority control the Senate and the number one person who could impact Biden's ability ready to pass legislation on the Senate Judiciary Committee is its chairman. Senator Strom Thurmond of South Carolina's unfortunately the state of our criminal justice. Today favors the criminal. It's Tom Thurman like many conservative. Republicans at the time has that law law and order streak out public safety officers standing as a thin blue line. Sheltering us from criminal anarchy and has always thought that the way to kind of combat lawlessness was through the expansion of the prison system. Today the criminal has four chances in five never to be arrested. A person arrested has five chances out of six not to save time in prison. Only about one criminal. In Fatty ends up behind bars ause. Let's remember Thurmond's approach. Isn't that unique in this era because of that national panic around crime and drugs. It's not just conservatives who have that law and order mindset like Thurman but Democrats are coming around to that idea to and Biden is one of those people uh-huh so while Biden and Thurman had different rhetoric came from a different civil rights background. There is an agreement about the direction the criminal the justice system needs to go he agrees with Thurman that more punitive approach is necessary and so by Thurmond together start working on crime. Hi I'm legislation so I get that for any Democrat to get anything done while. They're in the minority. They need to work with Republicans. But I'm wondering how Biden someone who who thinks of himself and talks about himself as a civil rights champion. Thinks that this partnership with this particular Republican could end up being in good for him. Given strong Thurmond's well-known reputation honorees well Biden has incentive to grow his stature on Capitol Hill that includes foods relationships with Republicans and Mo- specifically requires him to have a working relationship with his partner on this important committee but Biden is also making a lane for himself. He sees this as an opportunity for Democrats to make inroads on a very specific issue. So he's willing to have this relationship with someone whose whose reputation might be controversial because it is helpful for him but let's remember that Strom Thurmond get something out of this also instead had of these issues being seen as completely partisan or only being hounded by someone who has a checkered reputation on race assorted reputation on on race. He now has a new face for the legislation. There is a civil rights lawyer from Delaware someone with good record in black communities who can allow allow the legislation to move in a way. That probably wouldn't have if it was jus- linked with the stench of Strom Thurmond's racial history so for both men man. It's a marriage of convenience and this kind of partnership as also just the way it worked back then. People had relationships because of focus use but also the collegiality the old boys club. -Ness of it. All that's just the way the Senate was so. How do they approach this legislation relation? Once they decide that they are going to work together. Will they go big. They don't just try some incremental change to criminal justice they propose something that is sweeping and bold something that would probably be the most significant overhaul of the criminal justice system in decades in nineteen eighty. Two they propose legislation that would target almost every area of the criminal justice system it would limit access to bail parole for those who have been arrested. It would create much tougher sentences for those who were convicted of crimes and it would just overall expand the government's ability to pursue the war on drugs and the bill passes the Senate by a huge margin ninety five to one and so with this legislation Biden is able to bring the Democrats along with him him. A what has typically been saying as a conservative approach to the criminal justice issue so the Democrats crafts following. Joe Biden's lead are now fully embracing this law and order legislative agenda. Yeah and it shows the power of the relationship nations ship between Joe Biden and Strom Thurmond so from there. The bill heads to President Reagan's desk who campaigns for the oval. Office the on a tough on crime agenda we live in the midst of a crime epidemic took the lives of more than twenty two thousand people last year. Many of you have written to me. How afraid you are to walk? Walk the streets alone at night. We must make America safe again especially for women and elderly who faced so many moments of fear so biden and Thurman Fo- confident confident in the president's signature but Reagan vetos it. He thinks that some of the measures are just too much of a federal government intrusion into the criminal criminal justice space so this is a big defeat well on one hand it is. The president killed their big bill. They're sweeping overhaul of criminal justice but on the other hand it is a real testament to their partnership and what they can achieve by reaching across the aisle and it signals a real path forward forward for Biden. It shows that through building bridges he can then the Senate to as well We'll be right back to kill a mockingbird has not played to a single empty seat reports sixty minutes it is the most successful American play in Broadway. History Rolling Rolling Stone gives it five stars calling unmissable and unforgettable all rise for the miracle that is mockingbird on Broadway it's New York Times critic's Pick Jesse Green calls. It A. Mockingbird looking bird for our moments beautiful GIAC satisfying even exhilarating harp released to kill a mockingbird a new play by Aaron Sorkin a New York Times critic's pick tickets at telecharge DOT com. So after this nineteen ninety-two bill fails but with this partnership very well established how do Biden and Thurman move their agenda forward so even though they're big legislation fails they know they have support in Congress for the ideas we said. Let's look at everything everything we can agree upon.

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