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America. This is chapter two on Friday, June ninth eighteen ninety three a month after the opening of the great fair in Chicago, George Pullman, and his friend the moustachioed retailer Marshall field sat down a dare with two hundred men in the ballroom of the Aberdeen hotel in Saint Paul Minnesota at the head of the room, a model train fashion from flowers stretched across the table, the tracks wheels and cow catcher glistened with tin foil, a newspaper reporter referred to the assembled guests as the big guns of the west railroad. Tycoons governors bankers the tireless strivers of industrial America. In addition to Pullman and field, they included grocery wholesaler, Franklin mcvie. Flour Miller, Charles Pillsbury, Bill Pillsbury, South Dakota, Senator Richard Pettigrew and many prominent railroad men, including John Egan who had held high positions with the Canadian Pacific and the Saint Paul Minneapolis. Manitoba lines the men come to celebrate the official opening of the great northern railway whose main line began in Saint Paul. And now ran all the way to speeches sound in Washington. Local merchants were confident that the road would make their city a hub for the immense resources of the northwest, including wheat, lumber cattle, apples copper and iron or it come to honor one of their own big shoulder one eyed man with a full beard and a shaggy fringe green hair around his balding scalp. He was the proprietor of the great northern the man known as the empire builder James Jerome hill after a meal served by liveried waiters a postmaster predicted that future scholars reviewing the progress of humanity from the peak of the twenty first century would stand in awe when they contemplated the eighteen ninety s this wonderful age of iron and electricity. Big Jim hill. Then rose to assure his guests at the president era was as promising as any time in the past ten years thunderous applause in the waving of two hundred handkerchiefs signaled the big guns. Approval. In fact, he'll had completed his railroad in the midst of an economic crisis bewildering proportions. One of his main Wall Street backers Jay Kennedy Todd was too busy coping with economic catastrophe to attend a colleague reported a hill that Todd has been. Pene down his leg for the last month businessmen and speculators across the country had reason for high anxiety four days after the great fair opened in Chicago. The bottom had dropped out of the US economy. One of the first effected with Steven van, Colin white Wall Street's most daring speculator known as deacon white for his somber dressy and invested heavily in shares of the national cordage company managers of that rope manufacturer had gab gobbled up competing firms and tried to corner the market in hemp imports. It was one of the many business trusts the day legal conglomerations of companies that allowed investors to exercise virtual monopoly control over industries like sugar led and whiskey..

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