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Twos weekend mornings six to ten the big d is back with the best music from the fifties sixties early seventies like that one from paul simon with some help from the dixie hummingbirds make sure you tell your friends robbery the music professor up next we're going to hear a song that when it was written was conceived as the slow jazz song and there's a broken window in your home you fixed pipes leaking you call a plumber before so what's going on in connecticut the laura rosen bridges are consistently ranked among the worst in the country the crumbling as we speak and nobody's fixing them in fact four point three billion dollars in construction projects were recently suspended indefinitely the air that what i does breathe that mean for connecticut before families that long cool dangerous woman in roads a black dress pothole how after pothole the holidays causing oxen's the big d is higher back property robbery taxes the music to offset professor lost state celebrating aid the spending holidays more on time april in traffic fifth when their you could lead be home vocalist alan businesses clark leaving burning turns the seventy economy six or worse another bridge collapse come on hartford fund our roads now learned just how bad our roads really are visit move ct forward dot com for more pay for by move connecticut forward a coalition of the connecticut construction industries association how you local four seventy eight and connecticut laborers district council i'm brad davis and i have been talking about my pillow for quite a while well wait until you see what we have for you now my pillow dot com the my pillow fourpack offer that's two premium my pillows and two go anywhere pillows at half off just go to mypillow dot com use my promo code wdr's see and get fifty percents off go to mypillow dot com click on the four pack special and enter promo code wdr's see or call eight hundred six five nine one one three five be sure to use promo code wdr see that's two premium my pillows and two go anywhere pillows go to mypillow dot com click on the four pack special and be sure to use promo code w drc mama mia why wouldn't you bring your mother to casa mia for a fantastic and.

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