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Thinking about like how women before her setting the philosphy like how they become writers and artists even though they were sort of oppressed in the melee both in terms of slavery and also just in terms of like domestic life so they're very personal onslaught by her father and a lot about the south as a landscape for inspiration but also repression i am glad you've got a podcast read their and that you're reading jennifer egan who line of high cameras ingenerie i'll talk about but i'll talk about the other book first i'm just very quickly on because our review of it has not appeared yet at the book has is just hour and i really enjoyed it so i'll mention it it's a novel named the power by naomi alderman it's her fourth novel and she has gotten quite a lot of attention in britain where she is from uh she won the orange prize for fiction and for an earlier novel and she was one of grant as best young british novelists on in america she might be best known as a video game creator as a as an app writer she wrote the very popular app zombies run shots of wrote deal which is when the art shell at the app of the walk um it's that was so she's been involved in various bestselling iphone apps this is like a feminist science fiction novel this is she gene about their rolex mentor program rolex the watch company pairs young artists a across various fields with various to artists they've don't tell you get a reliable fiat ha you might i don't know i bet naomi alderman took part of of this as a protege and her mentor was margaret atwood and this novel is very much in the margaret atwood vein it is speculative fiction it is very feminist arm and the the premise of it again i'll i'll just say quickly because our review is coming up later this month is that.

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