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Seconds of power. Play left is Brinkman has a shot through a screen in front of just goes wide. Bill takes it in the right wing corner. Lost the battle along the boards in here comes Mason yobs. Streaking up the left side jobs across the line wobbles. One Goldberg shoehorn ought to clear it goes out the center ice gates picks. It up heads down the left side near the attacks. Over forty five seconds left is over. And here comes roaring. Others. They're looking at minded Sean homeo- brought another Minnesota zone now. Mike Ernie Biza behind the net. High in the air souls door knocks down with a high stick and that will draw whistle Tanay face off in the Minnesota ended. Boy Romeo wanted to come out of that net as soon as that penalty expired. He was out a good forty feet. Stick up air Romeo's a big due to he's six three to twenty. And he was doing all of the signaling to get somebody's attention over at the bench. And finally, it wasn't until the puck got deeper the Minnesota zone that the ause Ohio State bench signaled him over. Another review right now. I stick maybe on touched wells Ohlsdorf that he should have waited for the thing that come down. I mean, you can't play the puck over your shoulder. It draws a whistle now a face off in the gopher in that. That's not a good play. But I'm wondering Frank. If there's too many men on the ice for Ohio State, but with the goalie change. Yeah. That guy. I thought that guy even waited too long to come on. That I was looking at. Okay. I don't know what they would be reviewing as linesmen and the referee. As I watch offside Romeo gore over to the to the bench. He was you know, inside the faceoff dot basically and the guy coming on for was still sitting straddled on the bench sido, and I thought well, do you like these have your skates on the ice get going here? Anyway. What is two referees in their dad is too rough. I don't know what they would be reviewing here. Well, there's no penalty being called. You can't review just a general offside or a general too many men on the ice. They're looking for possession. Who did that puck? Did go out. Was it calling high? Stick. Was a high stick? Now, the buckeyes are calling a timeout. Yeah. Well, I really I don't know. Maybe every time they review I think there should be a public address announcement saying what they're looking at. I agree. Accountable.

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