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From other clinics that they're seeing sometimes up. 200% of their patients are coming from Texas. Dr. Babak Kumar, a doctor at Planned Parenthood in Houston, is concerned about others so logistics of traveling childcare time off work all the things that they may need to navigate. May not be possible for them. One called a Houston Planned Parenthood taken by Call Center chief Doris Dixon to hear her beg for someone to help her was hard. The staff is stressed, she says. Chuck Sivertsen ABC News Shooting in Washington, D C Saturday night left three people dead. Three others injured. All were young adults, no motive and no arrests. So far, I'm asking for the community itself to help bring this case to closure. My condolences to the families of the deceased D. C. Police chief Robert County in South Carolina a strange and violent turn of events in an unsolved double murder case. A man from a prominent legal family who found his wife and son shot to death in their home three months ago, has been shot in the head himself. Alex. Murder is an attorney. He is wounded but alive. He was shot Saturday in Hampton County after he had car trouble in route to Charleston Murder, found the bodies of his wife, Maggie, and son, Paul, back on June 7th. At their home. So far, no arrests have been made. This is ABC News. Vaccines are not enough and accurate thermometers are essential for everyone. Covid is once again a major concern and fever is the key symptom for both the flu and covid and accurate thermometer, like the exigent temporal scanner is essential to detect fevers Early and reliably..

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