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Eight one eight zero seven that is eight one. Eight zero seven let's get into the tax that? Eight one eight zero seven that is eight? One eight zero seven over. The years we've talked a lot about max and the fact that they're, pretty secured in general haven't needed any sort of virus protection. They've been locked. Down pretty good over the years has that changed someone maybe buying a new max should they consider some. Sort of virus protection I really don't think so max have had a. Couple of small attacks, over the. Past several years and apple has jumped on it and fixed it so fast it was incredible. You got to keep, in mind. Steve that, the, array Original MAC operating system was built, an early early Version of Lennox that's not to say that we can. Call the MAC OS Lennox today because we can't the, MAC operating system is a completely proprietary operating system but it's much much more secure than windows when it comes to. The ports and the i.. R. cues being open I think. Macs are goodbye I think that they're very safe if you're looking at compare hardware amac is. Probably going to be more, expensive than a PC but at the same time it's easy to justify when you take a look over history at the longevity. That people have gotten out of their MAC purchases they last a long time as. I'm sure, you, already, know, you, had, a MAC oh yeah Ron Ron Ron Ron Ron that that old MAC, book I still have at home in on. Occasion I will plug it in the battery shot I and, I wasn't gonna. Put money into a new battery. Still fires up plug it in rock and roll It's just extraordinary great equipment but on the, flip side of, that a number of years ago I don't, know how long, it's been it's gotta be three years at least I bought an HP Chromebook tough to beat and I spent a couple of hundred bucks on this thing and I use it every day well to go online. And check Twitter and check. My. Various news feeds and check Email as weekly bills at home I keep it at, home generally I'll bring it out to the fair coming up here at the end of summer but but in general I keep it. Around, the house, and use it to get online and that sort. Of. Thing hard to, be so I, mean there's two extremes is a lot of good equipment, absolutely and the promo as you know when Google. First came out with. The chrome operating system their biggest selling point was always up to date always knew always clean that was. Actually there are. Three buzz lines when they were, first starting to sell Chromebooks. And chrome boxes that's true today when you turn this on your Connected, to the internet, and it's getting your browsers up-to-date all the software that's on there that most of that by. The way is in the clouds but it's a tremendously secure operating system probably even more secure than Android or I. O s for phones at. This. Point which also are improving by leaps and bounds so yeah we're we're getting a, handle on this this is a good thing all right speaking of that from the text line at eight one eight zero.

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