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Episode is well that being said though we will focus a lot on mary. Todd lincoln As she's just a fascinating part of our nation's history by the way she never went by mary. Todd lincoln really did. I've never heard her called otherwise when she got married mary lincoln. I mean that makes sense. Was todd her maiden todd was her maiden name how interesting i wonder why history. We've decided call her that. I mean i've heard anything about that. Is that is the truth. Okay we've already mentioned her. A few times in other ghostly episodes like our abraham lincoln episode of course But in this episode. We'll take a more in depth. Look at her history both before. And after abraham lincoln and focus a little bit more on her spiritual side which she probably had the most belief in the paranormal Ish than any other first lady. Yes i mean there's been a few you got you got your nancy. Reagan right rail but Yeah i think. I think really she was the top of that lushes the most famous i would say shore definitely so. Do you ever go story for. Let's kick it off with the ghost story this is. This was a hard one to go story. Yeah well you know. It's it's hard to be happy sounding with you. Know it's not gonna but then again it should it. Go story be happy. I don't know who knows all right here. we go. i am overjoyed. Yesterday i experienced my loved ones again. After so much sorrow it was a relief to know that i am still protected and watched over upon my arrival in boston. I attempted to conceal who i was using a made up name in order to keep the press from knowing and my only living son from complaining about my desire to talk to those. We've lost using my pseudonym. I visited a famous medium and i'm sure he did not know who i was. We sat around a table and he used many elements of the spiritualist to reach out beyond the veil. What happened next will live with me forever. I saw my sweet tad's face. I lost him a few years ago. When i had already lost so many i had seen poor willie before which gave me great comfort but not tad yet. Then as we were speaking to the dead felt him..

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