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I think you probably had a good thirty forty years but one thousand league. It was not great and now he's maybe he was just every time we played he stunk but maybe he had other great games. Maybe just got unfortunate. Or whatever. But i i think that could potentially be a part of it. I feel like if you embrace the technology. It just makes the game better. What happened to the person. That's in the stadium. It's supposed to just tell people they did it this past weekend in one game. There's somebody in the stadium. It was either a ball spot or something happened and it changed during the commercial break in. There was no review. There's no it was a very quick change. And i think that might have been the person that was maybe in the stadium that one where that guy was clearly not touch. Ouseba review challenging. That should have been the person in the state of go wasn't touched your good. Just move forward. It's a first down. Keep there's no reason for it. But instead it goes into this whole entire process that i think we have to call in question whenever the people that are in charge are seeing it the exact opposite way every other fucking human on earth. We can't have it can have prayer was asked about it too like they just showed the replay as they were calling it back for third down and clearly. It was a first actors. I think it was mckissick. Was the one who tripped. And then he just kind of popped forward a little bit on the ground for first and then for some reason third and one all right here. We go We have to get to a break and what assis- oh okay. I i accidentally hit. That was elyssa. We have to change. Let's keep that one can't have that one but just come on. You know figure. It shouldn't be that hard. Make the game better because all that does by the way is it continues the fodder that replays or bad for the game in reviewing and challenging slows down the game and it's never right it's like the execution is the problem. Not the idea the concept the idea is a good one. It makes the game better especially with people betting on games and lives being in jeopardy. Whatever talking about like coaches lives and players careers. There's a lot on the line that one particular blink at the wrong time. Okay because you're a human could potentially fuck over and if we have the ability to fix it we should yeah. We just have to do the execution in a better fresh. Xfl laid it out. How you do it. This is how you do it and it was on the field. It was quick all the ref on the field at this like they were performer. That was probably lip. Synching wanted to make it. Look as if they were actually saying. That's all you gotta do. And then it's like a ten second fifteen second process it'd be get one of these younger people in. There is probably a little bit more apt at seeing things like this and doing things like this and then bone change it. And we're often running samples added it's a judgment call understand. God do what you gotta do there but with a lot of this shit is just like come on so we all see it the same way except for you. How is that happening. Good question pat now that the world's opening back up so many new thrills or on the horizon okay. And whether you've been in a relationship for years or just get started towards cited to get back out there and meet new people when the moment comes saw come to quit. Oh that is not what they had in their copy that they're going in a different direction. So let's go back a sentence or two when you when the moment comes. You want to be ready. It's true with rahman you can get a free online evaluation and ongoing care for erectile dysfunction. Grew all from the comfort and privacy of your home once you take care of.

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