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The key words that people are searching on on the internet's so i happen to use seo book the keyword tools free desribed mr for it and i look at what people are searching on because those are the problems to solve in this world so it's right there and it's free air google wondering warns as he oba these just great tools to see what's trending in this world what's happening with questions are people ask went up provide the solution for them men's rob to join your book in late in the entrepreneur on our bookshelves would be another book the recommends my favorite number one business book and if you if you look up rob kelly entrepreneur rob kelly's favor business books you'll see about twenty but on the internet i've got the number one if i had pick it is book now lotta people talk about called poor charlie's almanac by by charlie monger warren buffett's right hand man and i really even though my dad taught me to study buffet ism's back on a get my but kicked in high school and middle school his partner charlie mongers even a bigger hero of mine because charlie's warne was just focused on being the best investor in world than you want on his partner charlie mogre headed a little more balanced of life still a multi billionaire little bit better vanwely life l'amour philanthropic rely on a lake charlie style he wrote this book poor trolleys almanac and if you like business i love business this book is just beautiful stories teaching you.

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