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Destruction in the Florida panhandle caused by hurricane Michael has reached catastrophic levels so far at least sixteen people have died in Michael's path in the southeastern part of the US nearly two hundred have been rescued in Florida alone. I'd Peter King in Panama City, every emergency official had everybody for the mayor on doubt as said, please don't come back. Please stay away. There's nothing to come back to terms of services. There's no cell service. There's no power no water at if there is water there were boil water orders. Search and rescue teams continue to comb through the destruction. Fema officials say they expect the death toll to rise, particularly as crews. Search the hardest hit areas. A joint funeral will be held today. For eight of the twenty people were killed in that horrific limousine accident in upstate New York last weekend. Those being remembered include four sisters who all died in the crash along with the husbands of three of them. And a brother-in-law a memorial service for all. Eight was held last night at a woman who attended says she can't even imagine the pain of the parents of the four sisters were killed. I lost one son twenty two years ago. I can't imagine losing four the twenty victims of the crash were killed in the limousine went out of control on a steep hill in a small tourist town north of New York City. The owner of the limousine company is now facing charges of negligent homicide after investigators determined the vehicle shouldn't have been on the road was just unsafe. A pressure is being wrapped up on Saudi Arabia to find out what happened to journalist Jamal kashogi who disappeared after walking into Saudi Arabia's consulate in Istanbul Turkey on October second BBC Turkey. Correspondent Mark Lowen says a pro government Turkish newspaper is reporting. The Turkish officials have an audio recording of the alleged killing of kashogi. There are conflicting theories as to how the tax got recordings inside the Saudi consulate one idea is that Turkey bugs bugs diplomatic missions here. So if that is the case, then it would be. A highly embarrassing Pataki. So they wouldn't want to admit that clearly the SABA newspaper says kashogi apple watch recorded his alleged slaying at the hands of Saudi officials. Meanwhile, Saudi's interior minister prince says these reports are lies and baseless allegations funding for President Trump's border wall could prompt a bruising battle in congress after the November elections GOP leaders signal. They're ready for a showdown that could spark a partial government shutdown. The president has been rubbing up midterm crowds for the wall. Of course, that was the centerpiece of his two thousand sixteen campaign a bipartisan Bill being considered in the Senate allocates one point six billion dollars for the wall that is far short of the five billion dollars. The White House has been seeking Hillary Clinton State Department security clearance has been revoked according to a letter released by Senator Chuck Grassley Clinton didn't wait for it to be revoked by President Trump. She asked for it to be withdrawn and back on August thirtieth. Indeed, it was the letter. Says five of Clinton's aides also had their security clearances revoked and a Lancaster man has pleaded not guilty to sending a threatening Email to Senator Dianne Feinstein. Authorities say Craig shavers sent the Email threatening to kill the Senator on September thirtieth. But they haven't released specifics of the message Feinstein has received threats because some Republicans have been accusing her tried to thwart the appointment of Brett Cavanaugh.

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