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In the Campbell area to Mikey CVS thank you Tim the impeachment trial of president trump officially under way we're joined now on the KCBS ring central news led by Margaret Brennan CBS news senior foreign affairs correspondent and moderator of face the nation of course this happens as the lead part as allegations have dropped there's still so much swirling around this Margaret as the thing itself gets under way that's that's exactly right and we on Sunday will have one of the prosecutors essentially on the house he tripped manager Jerry Nadler chairman of the house Judiciary Committee will be joining us and we will press him on what the strategy is to lay out the evidence I have so far since Democrats have not been able up to this point to persuade Republicans to a vote to allow the introduction of new evidence including things like you just mentioned from left harness the indicted business associate of Rudy Giuliani outside the president do about all of what they were pressuring Ukrainian government do you have regarding hunter Biden Joe Biden and the company that Hon are served on the board out so we don't know yet if there will be any new evidence in this trial and that is where the political fight had we will expect to see on Tuesday some proceedings get underway will press them your John Cornyn Republican of Texas when he's on our program Sunday and exactly what Republican leadership is planning here will it truly be the fact that impeachment trial in American history at the White House seems to be trying to guide it towards Margaret I know you do have guests from both sides of the aisle on face the nation every Sunday you mention senator John Cornyn I've got to believe that your goal that going to be pressing him as to whether or not not just allowing new evidence that whether or not witnesses will be allowed to testify yes that is one of the most focused on it talked about elements of this will there be any witness says and one of those witnesses who might be considered what they include people who were not heard in the house investigation people like national security adviser John Bolton says he has relevant information who was part of the conversations about aid to Ukraine and says he would appear if the peanuts but he'd have to beat the peanuts and before that the Senate would have to agree to hear from any witness at all so the strategy thus far from Republicans is you try the case on the merits of white Democrats were able to lay out in their investigation even though house Democrats say it is an incomplete investigation sent the White House did not provide documents and did not allow for witnesses that served in direct roles related to Ukraine aid to comment answer questions themselves how much traction does this notion of reciprocity seem to be gathering this is coming from the Republican side in the sentencing fine you can call witnesses we want to call some too and you may not like the witnesses we call right well what's going to be different you're at least as we understand it at that point is that each witness we have to be voted on you know there has to be some agreement here of both Democrats and Republicans have to come to you on some kind of agreement on at least procedure because fifty one votes will be required to approve a witness to appear in the first place so I got the White House has it let the Republicans have their list including demands for people like hunter Biden or even Joe Biden com and answer questions that does not appear likely at this point right now the focus from Democrats and some moderate Republicans like Stephen Collins is on people who are directly relevant who say they have evidence or have testimony that would be a factor here specifically John Bolton and Nick Mulvaney who is serving as chief of staff to the president Margaret thanks for your.