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What about have you seen? What about Bob kind of? You got to see a good movie. He I get it is a good move. I know I'm not gonna get. But it's you like it more than the average person. Exactly provoke. It's so anxiety, provoking, speaking of parenting and other things so yes, okay. Do okay on all read? But also that she writes for the New York Times, I said, okay. Good. Good. Good. Listen, do you know what the problem is? I just came from yoga, and I'm still like, you know, when you're like still in a cooling down period. I keep putting my glasses on and they're fogging up is. So I'm having a hard time. But I'm ready. So my first question for you cage as at the very beginning. I love what you say about. Really, I feel like you kinda wrapped with this too. At the end is a lot of parenting is about changing the story. We tell ourselves about parenting. And I also agree that there's all the I could start in so many ages like at one a one year older like this, and you're gonna feel like this and to terrible twos and their nightmare. And and you're going to really be tired. And we have all this information. Give given to us up front that kind of a range is the way we think so did you discover that through your research or personal experience. Well, when I started writing the book, I was maybe three years into my time at motherlode, and it was right at that moment. When all that research was coming out that was like, you know, parents are less happy than people who don't have children. We'd rather do laundry and load the dishwasher than spend time with our children. And also at the same time. I I was the editor of the blog. So I was reading probably at least the beginnings of one hundred plus submitted essays and things like that week. Week and the really the tone was you know, my gosh, I need a drink. This is so hard. This is a slog. And I have to say, I didn't I was feeling that my God it I mean, you know, if you put one more plastic sippy Cup in dishwasher, my head was going to explode. But I didn't wanna feel that way. And I didn't quite get lie. We were feeling that way. Because I mean, you know, if you look at sort of our lives as as the typical times reader or the typical parent who can pick up a hardback book about parenting. We've got it pretty good for the most part. I mean food shelter. Roofs, overhead we got stresses. Absolutely. But I just felt like we ought to be able to find a way to make the family part of this which we all wanted so bad. I mean, it's not like somebody's like, oh, I'm just.

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