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When was this fight week fight week for you have see on ESPN plus for one, and he was again, I don't have a contender anymore. That's why the won twenty five makes sense. And I'm like, okay doing it was true. Like those guys had to fight. Okay. Well, they fought now. Now, it's pretty clear. Let's try one more time. Go to our friend here on the phone. It's Ricardo Hirakawa. Oh, can you hear me? All right. Okay. Signal yet. It's okay, don't worry about. Let's get back to you were saying the win was a ten out of ten. Did. He do everything you guys wanted him to Marlin on Saturday. He owns game plan. And he always always, you know, try to give the fighter like like a clear picture of, you know, whether you know, whether simply on, and you know, where where they should you know, all they should try to win. But you know, like, you never really go onto plan, but Mars just guy they could make something special out of out of anything, you know. And and he's starting to really show that in the US starting to really have the performances they was having leaving his his career fears of fighting, you know, like he just beat three three like world class guys. And and you know, the entire fighting fine doesn't equal loudness was pretty fresh that you know, I was I was like impressed. I spoil the time. But you know, one Frankie end of the round is going to be and then he's going with someone Russian do then. And you forget just how good these guys are. And then they get out there. And I'm like, wow. Like, i'm. Thinking back just by his performance for sure. Okay. So a few questions about this. Obviously, he's the top contender at this point. What do you think was the difference though, between the I s Unseld fighting this one? I mean, yes, he won more quickly. But in terms of how good he isn't his approach. Like, what was the major difference? I mean, I think that when you're going to that you have seen and you start to fight east fight there. I think there's without about like a step up in competition. Besides maybe like one or two or three guys and in the organizations like outside of the seen. You know, like sole almost every fight. They're going to get a really really soft guy. And and once you step into the top five, man. It's like it's like you roll the dice you like everyone of these main events, you just you're so hard to keep winning. You know, like as a as a coaching staff like me, and Mark, but we go into these fights a main event, Frankie Bennett's a main. They were mom, and it's like a main eighty and it's hard to put back to back when you know. So what I think Monning has done, you know, like not necessarily doing like three main events in the world, but three five guys in the role and be able to. Win in that fashion. I think he's just more comfortable, you know, he's more rainy doing more work is not holding himself back. So I think experience you experience is the big he'd always able to go more. And and we truly be like everything he can be a fighter when I I asked you this before, but we got the connection cut off. It was just occurred to me that like Marlin is so good at so many things decision making. He's got Chris boxing. As footwork is good. He sets everything up, but he's like, a ridiculous athlete. Why don't you think he gets credit more credit? I should say for being maybe one of the best athletes in the UFC. I think that. Yeah. I agree with you one of the most guys I've ever seen some of the things that you see them on them to jam just like it's like messing around. You know, I think doesn't get the credit because Mars technically sound, you know, his defense is so good. And you know, his power has so much power..

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