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After. Sam got injured in brett. But on a couple years then heir viscount part of ways howard kept racing is racing kind of change got got away from now. When did you start with two so you started the first year. What was actually in july. Okay jesse coca secre keep an employee their own trucks and they had not run good for levin and sam actually driven had long known business. Get kinda going and working at j. His cox night. Yeah so j. He may sam's looking for you. For what he you come to work on. Yeah okay but we have. Sam picks his car and again by the way down and talk to them. I went down there. Earth raises july. The fourth caraway not levin higher degrees. They changed the rule. We didn't change tires. Run two hundred laps while same. Set sam maintenance for jumping off the racetrack tires on win. I can't tell you got slowdown and everybody was loosely. Jack he goes. I know what i'm doing. I said okay. Got slow downtown. Which comment about three to go inside. And he kept cutting cutting him off coming to the leg cutting off to shorten him out or wouldn't start. No star said what he goes eight. Never gonna play golf with him. Mr hussy what about mostly. I didn't accomplish whole lot of them making some really good friends and working with some really good people in and actually people that i considered legends growing up and he rose. I got the got the ability in the The opportunity to rub elbows and work with them did win a few races. Got part of a busch grand national championship team but Really at the end of the day. It's all about the memories and france from me so the busch grand national championship was with. Bobby is correct. Okay good deal come close to your other times. You actually loss because joe wanted it and he won the race from lebanon there as i was at route ninety two it row. Now i i. I'm not gonna forget you would. What's what's i'd have to say like chris. I mean if you look at my. I don't gotta hall of fame career. But i got to work with some really really good people. And that's that's sorta why like this because in my career there's parts of stood out in one of the big parts. Was these guys that i worked with a row. I was with a sixteen car while he dollar back. And they were with mark and And listen to these guys in and watching. These guys. And i learned a whole lot. Because i felt like that was like my real very first race team and drove. I've lived in gerald ford. I drove one hundred miles a day to get there but then that day rash. Yep they'll blue chuck. I still got it. Four hundred seventy five thousand miles but that that set my career in motion them them years at rush with these two guys here and there was a couple of other ones but especially these two guys because we hung out a lot in and we had a good time and then further along in the career. I got with buddy here and buddies sort of took me to the next level not really add much about working on cars but about the people in the business and and all that where i could take my step to become crew chief and and go on so with these guys drive here. Definitely instrumental. Michael did you did you to actually work together. Jeff burton jeff burton. Buddy made my life miserable. Because i had the brother walk over and say here's what jeff's got his car but i can't drive what he drives. I think the best part about it was. We made liberty miserable and we set out to do that. And you know i'll mark was mark mark. You ain't helping them. You don't want them to have nothing. And then we started woman there but in turn them upside down all the way to the point where they moved to mooresville in buddy buddy was right in the middle all that and and he had that was. That was a good deal. Then but yeah buddy you nobody you know. He's i say i'd never. Buddy was a good mechanic throughout the years. I never seen turner inch any income. Scott scottdale frankie started. We'd be undergrad. And our guts on this guard buddy. Every week he companies boys. I usually don't do this. But i know you guys got it so i'm gonna get a motorhome and just go to dover on leave before the car is done but i know y'all got it in georgia that buddy. Don't talk like that was a compliment. I feel like it was because the thing was that I've been there and done that. I saw in rambo. And i saw in the people that are hired are got to work at at the shop and all their abilities and one not use those instead of instead of me having to go out there and term riches and stuff and Listen uh spent many many long hours laying on the floor on the cold concrete floor bump searing cars and he did all the things he did it over my shoulder. Sure my back hours watching watching ever ham deal and and the guy was out there in the sun and he had a bump steer gays going on. Now there's a. I think i can tell you one story that would would solidify. How buddy was everybody knows back. Then we had practice in and then we would do our stuff and then we had happy hour at the end to happy hour. Everybody go get a tire temperature in everybody. Walk up and push their cars back down. Well they'll buddies on top of the truck in everybody's walking through the cars in buddies like okay. I one two cars one hundred dollars now. You got a picture this all these guys. We don't work all day. We're slipping on our own sweat in and in here you go all these guys working here comes a ninety nine guys run fast as right up to car w in it. And that's that's the way buddy was he had. He knew how to work the people he knew how to get the most out of everybody. And that's what i learned and i got I got asked a lot about how do you. How do you get those guys. How do you get them. So revved up and and do what they do. Rambo and scott meal racing and s- cranky on all those guys do it all bills point. Let's say about rash. Won't i mean we get lots of thirty five people you meet. Somebody asked you how you were going to get. Rambo wound up or wound down. There's a difference there well. I had to keep him to keep him under my phone a lot. Because you know book. I had i had a little crew chief and own that car and he was.

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