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That you're not alone but the united states had left them pretty much alone one time we have forty five thousand troops in korea they were all withdrawn budgets were savagely cut i mean dramatically cut the republicans in particular in the congress of the united states they took control of congress in the earlier part of the truman administration than they lost it again and nineteen forty eight but they were pushing for lower and lower defense budgets and as a result the forty five thousand troops we had in south korea were cut down to five hundred we also did nothing to equip the south korean army with the kinds of planes and tanks and big guns that the north koreans had and what happened was on the night of the twentyfifth of june of nineteen fifty there was a massive attack actually three major prongs all along the thirty eight th parallel from north korea to south korea they claimed that it was based upon some kind of south korean skirmish where the south koreans had gone over the perimeter line nobody really believes that but all of a sudden president truman who was home visiting his family in independence missouri it at a nice dinner there was a saturday night he was relaxing after dinner and he got a fateful phone call what are the phone call saying what a truman say order point we'll get to that and more this special broadcast to purchase this fishery go to restore dot com.

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