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San antonio. I news correspondent on the president and health care coming up in just a couple of minutes. Also, your San Antonio football club in cider would Dan Weiss before the bottom of the hour. Born twenty eight July nineteen seventy seven by Blanca Argentina want. Emmanuel David Jim nobly, which means he'll be forty two in four months. People can forget sometimes monitor nobly played eight years of professional basketball before he joined the San Antonio Spurs. He wanted to attack league MVP's the Euroleague finals MVP the two thousand one euro league championship and triple crown. He is one of only two players in the history of the world to have won a Euroleague, title an NBA championship and an Olympic gold medal. The other would be Bill, Bradley. To know rejoin the Spurs in the two thousand to two thousand three season and the risk is history is just take a quick look at some of that history. Four time NBA champion. Two time NBA all star two time all NBA thirteen NBA sixth man of the year award winner in two thousand eight NBA all rookie team two thousand three Euroleague champion Euroleague finals MVP to time Euroleague finals top scorer, all Euroleague. First team talion league champion Italian Cup. MVP two-time talion league MVP gold medal two thousand four Olympics with Argentina bronze-medal two thousand eight Olympics with Argentina. And that's just the beginning. I wouldn't give I wouldn't trade my job for any job. But if I could I would have loved to ban who ever, and I hope I'm gonna work on. I'm hoping Bill showning noses. If not I'll find out I would like to just sit been the guy who got to sit down next to who ever put together. Tonight's video package. It's going to be amazing. That would have that person. He or she whoever it is probably had as much difficulty deciding what to leave out of the video package as to what put in. Yeah. You can only, you know, their their time restraints on these kind of banks. And I know if it was me, I go. Wow. I'd like that. Well, but you know, this over here is a little bit. Well, but what if the which one had more importance at the time sometimes as we talked about yesterday, my favorite minute nobly highlight wasn't even really a big deal at the time. And that's at fastball pass through like eight arms in the middle of the lane that he threw to Matt Bonner, and I'd like to add Matt Bonner how long has hand hurt after that. One. Tonight's going to be a great great night, the president healthcare. In San Antonio. I news Michael Bauer next local border patrol agents are preparing to release hundreds more illegal immigrants with their promise to appear in court. The husband and missing mother Andrea MacDonald could be a free man as soon as today. The Texas house is open debate on just how much of your money a plans to spend in the coming two years, and it is monitored job as night, and we're all just spectators more coming up at eight thirty w away. I news time eight twenty one now, traffic.

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