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Today is April second twenty twenty and my guest is historian and author. Diane Ravitch of new. York University this is her second appearance on E. contact. She was here April of twenty, ten talking about her book. The death and life of the Great American School System Her latest book, and the subject of today's conversation is slaying Goliath. I want to thank plan onyx for providing Dan with the Blackwood fifty two twenty headset. Diane Welcome back to Econ Talk. Well, thank you for inviting me. This episode is a continuation of recent episodes on the Charter School Movement conversations I had with Terry Mo- Robert Pond. And Sarah Car I encourage listeners to listen to those episodes as well as earlier ones, related education may be someone's yet come out Diane. You have a very different perspective from some of these previous guests you call the proponents of charter schools, disruptors, and those that oppose them the resistance What is your criticism of the disrupters to people who promote charter schools? Well the promise of charter schools and I was there at the beginning the beginning being the late one thousand nine hundred eighty S. and was a proponent of charter schools. I was in the. George H W Bush administration and we were very much in favor of the idea, which was a brand new idea back in the late nineteen eighties early nineteen ninety S, and I support charter schools during the time when I worked at the hoover. Institution and I was part of the correct task force along with Terry. Mo and Paul Peterson John Chapman Checker Finn Lots of others and A. Sometime into the two thousand, five began to become disillusioned, because I realized that charter schools were not realizing the promise, the promise being they would save for kids from failing public. And as time has gone by that I've become even more critical because there have been so many scandals associated with charter schools essentially the charter idea. was originally going to be a collaboration between public schools. And Experimental Schools Charter schools that were. Meant to be like RND centers for the public sector and they would have the freedom to try out new things and then bring them to the public school, so the public school could improve. What has happened over time, though is they have become competitors and they seek market share, and in some cases they seek to drive the public schools out of business I. Think the premier example that is New Orleans where there are no more public schools but they. The charter sector is such his failed to keep its promise of saving core. Kids from a failing public schools are those that are the most successful. Screened the S. Robert Fisk says they screened the parents in order. Get the best kids are. They don't want kids with disabilities. Are they? Exclude the kids who were troubling makers, they become selective schools, and that are not selective. Schools are very low performing schools. In some states, the charter schools are the worst performing schools in the state. I'm thinking particularly of Ohio and Nevada but there are other states where the charter schools are doing very poorly so it's broken. Promise so I called Charter. I don't think there is a charter movement as such I think what there is this just a lot of money provided by a long list of billionaires to promote the privatization of public education. Very critical those billionaires. Why! Why are you that critical of their? Is Their motivation you. You don't seem to respect what they're trying to accomplish or worse. You think what they're trying to accomplish is not honorable. Well I'm critical. The billionaires because I think they could be doing so much more productive things I think by now by the year twenty twenty. We've had thirty years of charter schools and we know that they don't accomplish what they're supposed to They don't. They haven't achieved close the achievement gap They select the kids they want us. Some of the charter schools have very very skewed enrollments like The highest performing charter school in the country are the basis charter schools. Schools in Arizona and they are composed primarily the hot, their highest point, schools, Arizona or white nation. They don't have very many. Latino kids don't have very many American kids and every few African. American kids in Arizona a they don't reflect. The population of did served by Arizona public schools, so I think what the billionaires should be doing is things that are actually needed they should I look at the evidence and say this investment, a literally hundreds of millions. Billions into the charter sector. His not produced results. We want many charter. Schools have opened and closed many of them. Take money to open and never open and there have been massive financial scandals associated with with the charter sector. The largest of them taking place, in California, if I were a billionaire I would be doing first of all as looking at the evidence and saying my investment in charter schools has not produced the results that I thought it would at what I will do. Instead is open health clinics in neighborhoods where kids don't have health care, I would open health clinics for at to provide prenatal services to provide family services, because the the biggest predictor test scores is family income, and unfortunately the charter school movement has at such as it is, and not again. I don't think it's a movement, but people who support Charter's say that. They can fix poverty by fixing schools and that hasn't happened. We have the greatest inequality that we've had many decades. Up to and including the current crisis, but poverty is hugely hugely important is the predictor of test scores that being the case I think that were a billionaire, first of all the lobbying to pay higher taxes, which I don't see any of them doing and fact, the Waltons who were the biggest supporters of charter schools are have had court cases around the country to try to lower their property taxes on their Walmart stores, but taxes are what support education and choice is not a substitute for an adequate funding for public schools. I WANNA come back tipped charter schools. and.

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