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We are looking at this event as a criminal for a criminal investigation. A police canine unit alerted to possible human remains Thursday morning, as search and rescue crews were working to clear building 8 two 6. Montgomery county police chief Marcus Jones. We have not determined that the building is all clear of any other possible victims. Joan says he can not reveal what evidence leads investigators to believe this may have been an intentional act. The recovered body has been taken to the state medical examiner's office in Baltimore for positive identification. Reporting from Gaithersburg, Sarah Jacobs, WTO news. And then chief Jones says that he hopes to have that identification as early as today. Now to Virginia, where the chief medical examiner announced that all three victims in the shooting Sunday at the University of Virginia and Charlottesville died from a gunshot wound to the head. Mike Holland is one of the two students who were wounded in that shooting. His mother bred to Holland tells ESPN about the moment her son woke up and realized his friends had been killed. Mike's cry. Was so deep. It was like coming from his soul. I mean, and it was like, it was like acquired never heard before in my life. It was so deep. His cry was so deep Holland is now recovering from surgery. The second survivor was released from the hospital earlier this week. The shooting suspect is being held without bond. He has another court hearing scheduled for December. There is a setback in the plans for toll lanes on I two 70 and part of the beltway in Maryland. State transportation officials will now hold off until spring on seeking a 50 year contract for the project. By then, governor elect Wes Moore will be in office, and he has been critical of those plans more has said the tolls would be too expensive for most drivers and he wants to make sure that all ideas he said about other ways to alleviate congestion on the beltway and I two 70 are heard. The buffalo area is bracing for four or possibly 5 feet of snow. Snow is already been piling up in the region and in other parts of northwestern New York State. Buffalo's declared a state of emergency, New York governor Kathy hochul has done the same for 11 counties in the western and northwestern parts of the state near Lake Erie and Lake Ontario. Snow could fall at a rate of more than three inches an hour. Sunday's NFL game was set for buffalo, but the bills and browns will now play in Detroit instead. The Biden administration is planning to ask the Supreme Court to reinstate the president's student loan debt cancellation plan. The Justice Department is fighting to keep Biden's plan alive after it was halted by two federal courts in recent weeks. It is asked a federal appeals court in New Orleans to suspend a decision striking down Biden's plan, and in the same filing it announced it intends to ask the Supreme Court to overturn a St. Louis appeals court that halted the plan. The filing warned that Americans will face financial strain if the plan remains

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