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KOMO, Seattle KOMO FM. Oakville, The Northwest's on Lee 24 hour news station from ABC News. I'm Dave Packer. Security and Washington, D. C is ramping up over fears of violence and threats. But ABC is Alex Stone tells us so far, people who live in Washington they're calling it a ghost him only a few blocks from the White House here and you can hear how quiet it is around me. The one thing we keep hearing from people who live here is they thought they were gonna be large crowds by now. They thought that there would be people all over. And there just aren't the streets are empty. I mean, I can stand in the middle of the street right here. There's nobody around barricades air up the National guard blocking intersections that at least crowds are not here. Right now. Some Republicans in the Senate or considering voting to convict President Trump is in his impeachment for inciting the insurrection of the U. S. Capitol. South Carolina's Lindsey Graham, not one of them, telling Fox News Sunday morning futures you do not stand up against the impeachment of President Trump. After he leaves office. You're incredibly weak figure in American history. President Trump is trying to heal the nation and blaming the speaker of the house for the storming of the Capitol. Where was Nancy Pelosi? It's her job to provide capital security. Like Graham, the speaker was among those Democratic and Republican lawmakers hiding is the writer's tried to hunt them down in the capital. Race to vaccinate millions against Cove it as a new variant of the virus is detected here in the US closer to 400,000 people. As the death toll gets to that number, ABC serene Shaw is in hard hit Los Angeles humanitarian leaders like an Li growing frustrated Going from Developing countries back to working here. It's like, Oh, this'll feels familiar here. Least dresses. Even medicines will not save us without critical shipments and support on site. We'll have enough supply to be able to provide at least until Wednesday, and then they play a day by day. That's the reality of many mega sites around the country even abroad. The BBC reporting. Fizer shortages in both Europe and Canada. You're listening to ABC News. It's such a beautiful night. Look at the stars. They're amazing. Did you know 20% of stars have planets orbiting them capable of sustaining life? How did you know that? You must spend a ton of time reading? Not at all. I used bleakest linguist. Yeah, it's an app that takes key insights from over 4000 non fiction bestsellers and gathers them into 15 minute blanks. For you to read or listen to. With Blink ist. You can learn the main points of an entire book and just 15 minutes as opposed to days or weeks..

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