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So we've been spending a lot of time talking about Nancy Pelosi today because there's a question to whether or not she has the votes to be reelected as speaker of the house, and one of the things that she said in the New York Times profile of her is that she doesn't watch cable news channels. She said she watches sports, all she watches is Fox Sports ESPN and presumably San Francisco Giants games nonstop. So we only thing that's on her is she up for a head coaching job. Well, maybe if she doesn't win the vote for speaker. She could become the manager of the San Francisco Giants. Okay. Where's this leading? Well, there was a rumor that were circulated over the weekend that the Cleveland Browns were considering hiring former secretary of state Condoleeza Rice to be the head coach. Joining us to talk about this is journalists in sports commentator who you could get online at ROY Firestone dot com, ROY Firestone. How are you? As they used to say, John. How are you? Steve, I'm fine ROY health you've been. Oh. What what a load of crap this. Yeah. Well, I have a feeling. For talk shows, by the way, you. Veteran. Father was speaking. Applause, and she's already denied the cheese interested. That's you know, Jared gives us the cities hoping you can. You can open to hiring a woman, and you know, they. Of interview. It's not official. I want to say when you're talking about front office personnel. If you're talking about an organization. Who could make personal decisions with the proper people? Budgeting I is people. I do ethics. She'd be ethics. She'd be excellent. Let's beat that. Be. The real reason is this because it satisfies what they call the Rooney wall, which includes minorities talking tonight Attis openly. Yeah. I. I don't think that would meet the Rooney rule because nobody's going to believe it. Yes. She hasn't seen. She she's wanted to be the Commissioner of the NFL. And I think her name was floating around at some point. That's a world. I don't begrudge that possibly. World of difference from being the head football coach. You gotta do at least five minutes in high school. Here's a couple of things, and you guys mobile we had an assistant coach in basketball. Becky hammon. Assistant coaches woman is. The second female history was the Sacramento Kings. We eating all the NFL woman. NFL keen who happens to be a woman? She coaches it during the TC's season. Where where does she do that? Where? She coaches the inside linebackers. She she did police season was a temporary position. In the NFL, PR movers. Real move. I assume it was huge. Jack paycheck. Preseason. An indoor football league team. Aleutian, and Catherine Smith is your name she she was there. And she was what they call. It teams quality shedding note the heck that needs. But the cat welter was also the quantity. St John's Smith, he bills special team quality. So is happening. It's happening. But it's it's years away from everything and ahead. But how 'bout these teams that sometimes hire someone that comes from the front office? I think bulls the Florida Marlins was a perfect example of this guy didn't have a history as a coach in the minor leagues earn college. They took a guy from the front office in a suit, and they put him on the field do players respect that or do. They want their managers and coaches to have experience at some level doing it. I think it's a really know their stuff. I mean, you take I still can't get the pronunciation made Utech Kim is. She was with the dodgers. She's with the giants. She's baseball awfully Angie. Yes. Might be wall. She's excellent personnel person. She's a senior vice president she's telling me to see the baseball operations. All the giants who should be a manager. Could you be a manager because we're really talking about homeless? I suppose you could manage. Here's the difference. And you guys to weigh in on this. I think there's a world of difference in the two sports when you're talking about six seven hundred fifty times with steroids and whatever else collisions as opposed to an analytics experts like in this case, can I think it's probably getting it. Who really knows the analytics who knows that the numbers. I think baseball's far more numbers game than football is football is to me much more physical macho game than baseball. I think you'll see a woman manager, possibly sooner. In baseball than in football because of the analytics, right, it may it may never happen in baseball. But if it does it'll be before football with the whole joke of this thing is I don't think they're serious at all about talking to conjure rice about being head coach, and we are talking about it. And I think everybody feels Candi rice could absolutely be an executive on a football team. But there's a world of difference between being in the front office and being on the field. Another part of it is you must command the respect of the players whether it's baseball or it's football. So we'd love to see you. And I have particular we're all for women doing everything everything. But this is ridiculous. I don't remember exactly how this happened. Roy. Maybe you have a better memory than I do. But the NBA had jumps up. Jeff. You know, this step is it's all speculative. It's probably summit running with it. I don't even think and listen they talked to a better for an office position sprouts for one in thirty one for Christ's sake at one point at the beginning of this year. That's how bad the organization I think she'd be nothing good at acid in the front office. How did the players react the headphones when the NBA had female referees? And they were the first I want I believe to do that female officials. How did the players react to them? Do. They treat them respectfully. Or was it something that was a problem for the most part most part good? Incidents per se. There were there were so many. There were some incidents at this absolute disrespect. For the most part. It was okay, though. Yeah. I can I can I change the subject on Roselawn delays. Sorry about that. Ekusheyt subject, Colin Kaepernick, Colin Kaepernick. The Washington football team as we stay with football here. They're quote, say Redskins. You sit the wash what we're going to get to that. They they lost their quarterback, Alex Smith. So they have to move in another quarterback. And they have got to take a break. Here. We have to take a break to have to wrap it. Or can we continue can you wrap it about thirty seconds? Colin Kaepernick is well suited to be a backup quarterback. Nobody's going to consider him. Is that correct? That is correct. Mark Sanchez was was signed by the Redskins. I think cabinet even though he hasn't played for two years the knee issues too big. It's too much of a distraction whether you agree with it or not you're not going to see the Redskins signing a better athletes in Sanchez. And I think he would have been better call you'll never see it. I'll write ROY Firestone. We're going to have to leave it there. We always love checking in with you. Thanks so much. Thanks, guys. Thanks, roy. And don't forget to follow ROY on Twitter at ROY Firestone Florida or not Florida up next seven ninety KABC..

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