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Areas here in southern California. We'll take a look at that coming up at ten forty. It sent thirty five traffic and weather together every ten minutes on the FIS. Let's get the latest on the freeways now from loose towers, and if you're gonna go up to the mountain playground SIS mcshea, take an extra blanket extra jacket and socks and maybe some extra DVD's for the kiddos because it's a tough drive getting up there where especially lots of people going up into the running springs big bear area and Wrightwood looks pretty open right now. That's that's good news for you. But I to thank tipster for calling in the LA metro traffic tip line at three two three four six seven ten seventy. He was on his way back from a bar sto and wanted to know if it was easier to cut across the eighteen through the antelope valley and around rather than try to go up to go home pass. Well, it is. I've seen it worse. Let's put it that way. It's slow coming up. The southbound side of the fifteen up into the cone junction. And then it's a little bit of slowing down towards the fifteen, but it is not bad. And and it does seem to be getting better. So I would stick with home pass. And who knows you might see some snow coming through there. And also in Encino on the westbound side of the ten before haven her still working crash there. A three vehicle injury crash that has been cleared because I'm seeing the one on one on the westbound side right at the four oh five clear up, but it's still a little bit slow on the northbound side of the four zero five getting down towards Ventura boulevard. Next reports coming up at ten forty five with more reports. More often, I'm two hours in the spectrum twenty four hour traffic center Canucks,.

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