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FBI special agent dean Philip says Seoul pays traveled to Denver on Monday. Departed the airport and went to a store where she did procure a weapon, she tained a pump action shotgun and munition. And now Jefferson County sheriff Jeff Schroeder says they're looking for we have state local federal law enforcement partners that are working both behind the scenes and a lot of boots on the ground at twentieth. Anniversary of the Columbine attack is Saturday. Nearly a billion dollars has been raised to rebuild the Notre Dame cathedral after the fire that roared through two days ago, babies, Tom rivers is in Paris learning. More about the blend employed to safeguard the masterpieces and relics in the minutes after the fire broke out a human chain move the items out the crown thorns, regarded as Notre. Saddam's most sacred relic was among the treasures quickly moved out. I stop for the items nearby city hall now those relics have been transferred to the Liuw where they'll be dehumidify protected and eventually restore six people are hurt after police in Philadelphia driver intentionally slammed a car into a crowd. One man is in critical condition the driver under arrest sources, tell ABC news. The White House is getting ready for tomorrow's release of special counsel. Robert Muller's redacted report ABC's, Monaco, Sarabki, President Trump once again, claiming complete exoneration ahead of the release of mothers nearly four hundred page report while the White House drops a rebuttal. ABC news has learned that the president's legal team is working on a counter report. That report expected to be released tomorrow to for the second time in his administration. The president has vetoed a Bill this one of bipartisan resolution that would have forced an end to America's involvement in the civil war in Yemen. You're listening.

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