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Austin was at MOS awesome. Good, dude. Joe Straus would have loved the shot at Lambert. Joe Straus would oh the shot. What is it hooterville hooterville witching, Mike, Mike to Mike to all? Right. So your thoughts. Please QNA continues here. You're welcome to ask questions of me. And Dan, we of course, will give our thoughts as well. Do you have a bunch of people chiming in on that thing? Yeah. I did. But I didn't have it open as we were asking questions the Facebook. I guess we'll pull it up. Now, the Facebook live was very real good. Start isn't it? Yeah. It was locked in on the conversation, but any questions people have please feel free to come on. And it doesn't have to be strictly cargo related era Gould out there. I can't see anybody here. And there if we blocked the lights, Derek Gould was here at some point. Oh. There is. The great Derek Gould is you take anything away from that. Derek? And we'll chat later, I guess Derrick come to the microphone if you have a question. So yeah, I thought it was interesting. I'm always fascinated in. I think he was. Hi, dan. Eric's got. That's dangerous will be here all night. So again, I think is is talked about he's talking about a lefty in the bullpen. It obviously has been a tough couple of years. Bright seasom. Chase intrigued you're obviously looking at a middle of the bat left handed or right handed power bat that MO is addressed and and the other aspect that he's talking about is having a surplus pitching, which is what we mentioned earlier. I mean, the cardinals can deal from from strength that they want to get creative. But you know, they got a lotta arms coming back, and we'll see exactly what direction they want to go in. So if you like to ask them questions, or we can just sit here and chitchat while you guys. Try to coax butts elect into another weather. Well, the great James Carlton's again either phone so one of the things TMA does is really challenged as critical thought and one day. I heard timid Doug disciple. He was being sincere. They're out here. So one hold on. I'm a little concerned because I know I know what you're timid show. And I can only imagine because I see a young boy in the audience. Jose lock and they're probably thinking free Dotam, and what what is going on with be nickel at that fight. You referenced by the way, but in okay? So one of the things they mentioned is probably nobody in mankind is spoken. More words than VIN Scully think about it. Yeah. It's been buying in a broadcast booth. And I just wanted to hear your thoughts and high you always work on your craft and in juggle between different sports because baseball there's so much dead time. Well, I think honestly, I think doing television baseball, and I'm not just saying this because I do it. But I think doing play by play of television baseball is the hardest of a mall, and that includes any any of the radio, and that's not to take away from. I've done them. All I just think it's the hardest now because over the years, we give you everything. So we give you the score. We give you the count. We give you where the runners are a lot of times, we split screen and show you this. And we show you that. So. So I try to do as much research, and I love the history of the team, and and and dates in history, and I talked to a lot of the older players in the greats from the franchise, and I just try to make it interesting. And then when I'm with the various guys, I'm with I try to cater to their era. And really the idea of my job. And I did a lot of work ESPN for a number of years. Maybe you guys have never even seen because. It was it was just for the infancy stages of some of the different things that they were doing, but I did a ton. And they always taught me, you know, you're you're there to really set up the analyst if you can and I try to do that. So when I'm with those guys that's what I try to do especially with macarbre or Al or the guys that it's hard..

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