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Animation was good like disney realized the budget that they had to draw on this show voice actors because a lot of the voice actors actually the same exact actors of coming back portraying the role just behind the mic in animation and of course the cg budget and the digital budge for how clean that was dude because that was great animation. Yeah yeah. I really did the animation style for this show hell. Yeah yeah. I think it's a super wilt because you're right. It is a mixture between like they wanted to see. Gee that's trying to look hand-drawn so this very specific style. And i i dig it. I think. I think it's going to work very well for this show. Oh yeah That impressed me quickly. That was cool. yeah and Like as far as like the voice side goes yes the they got I mean damn big. I'd so many of the original voice actors this back I mean. I knew they were going to get like the heavy hitters. Who are going to be like the stars of each episode but like They they got some everybody. They got raw quad. Who played risco and endgame. Because obviously you can't get you a weaving bag. There's a reason he didn't come back for in game as as red skull. you know they got Do who plays arnim zola. They got him to come back and voice. Toby something first name. Is toby gobi. I'm a obviously you know they. They got the heavy hitters back as well to bash stand. Who's the same actress have played Peggy carter yeah. Yeah it'll come to me. We'll talk about is about say come on us you superpowers. It was great animation. Overall a really cool show yet will use allah's raided move on like. The car was pulling out the driveway back. And then you said in the shotgun c will hold on. Hold on i gotta go be something in the house and then you come out with halio wish i came out with alia burson. That'd be dope. I'd like i'm sorry we're not going anywhere now. Who else in the house. Who else is it. they're bring them out not important. We gotta go. Oh man um yeah. The the voice adding the worst of was little hit or miss Of it was like there are some points. It's mugabe 'cause he's great actor. Sebastian stan stuff was like.

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