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Fifty dollar annual fee but it also comes with four hundred and fifty dollars credit, which is kept there, and with the platinum reserve, you also get that extra four hundred dollars credit, which brings it up to eight hundred and fifty dollars goes some way to offset the annual fee on that kind. Qantas Frequent Flyer has quietly ended its partnership with any given the national carrier of Papua, New Guinea. The Sixth of August qualms frequent flying embers can no longer or redeem points on any PX flights. It was previously possible to an quotas points or to book classic Flight Reward Tickets on any Guinea flights, which was a unique proposition because any beginning is not part of any lines and it has very few other partner. Airlines. Qantas frequent flyer members could also previously points but not status credits when booking any Guinea flights with the PX flight number. Quizzes also no longer co chairing with the airline. Qantas does fly during normal times from cans and Brisbane to put mostly in popping, getting using its own aircraft, and you can still earn Ben Points on those routes although those quotas flights and not currently scheduled to resume. Until next year in New Guinea has continued meanwhile to operate to both cans and Brisbane from Port Moresby during the covid nineteen shutdown. There now so few passengers flying in and out of Cambria, airport that the airports management has decided to temporarily closed the airport on Saturdays. They're also now considering shutting down Camera Airport on Tuesday. He's Tutu, who she lack of flights in normal times around nine thousand passengers would pass through Cambridge airport each day. But over the past week, they have been less than one hundred passages almost as coming both in and out of the airport. At the moment the only places they can barons can fly to without quarantining at either end are in New South Wales. Although, Qantas Boeing seven four seven have now been retired Antarctica flights will continue to operate charter sightseeing flights to Antarctica this summer and then now going to use a Qantas Boeing seven eight seven dreamliner rather than seven, four seven. Seven sightseeing flights twain talk to are scheduled for next summer, and it could be one of the very few opportunities to go overseas this year even if you do have to come back to Australia at the end of the day. Prices for these flights dot at one, thousand, one, hundred, and nine, thousand, nine dollars for an economy seat without a proper. We know or an obstructed view, and they go all the way.

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