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From software engineering daily. The folks from the jet team will get in touch with you and help you get started on your software team collaboration path for free. Thank you so much to jet brains for being continued sponsor of software engineering daily. It's been a real pleasure working with the jet rains team for several years. At this point. I have a problem and my problem is that i have too many ideas. I have like four ideas for cloud providers doing told me one of them. I'll tell you the best one. Oh actually you wanna hear. I'll tell you the The weird one. And then i'll tell you the best one are weird. The ultimate queuing company. Basically you set up a cue for each of the accused that exists. He set up kinesiology cough cup. Google pups whatever. Name your other q. Like kakissis google pops up. Whatever all this big super cute right. Basically you copy data among all the cues and it's like a personal blockchain. it's personal agro blockchain. So you basically all you have a function. That's reading the top of every buffer or like the front of every rougher so it's always going to be buffering out and you write the same data to all the buffers and you basically do consensus across the buffers and you take the highest throughput like always take the highest throughput result of all the buffer. You're always reading from all the buffers you're always writing all the buffers and you're just like basically doing a personal blockchain But do you think that's good or bad. But why like what's like. Why every single queuing operation you could ever want to. Do you do this unit. Imagine you you're right. You're writing to this abstraction under the hood. The first thing that happens is it rights to a low the my sequel or a micro sequel tiny sequel the small sequel thing that embedded sequel sequel light sequel light. You first right to seek light on local storage and then simultaneously. You're sending the rights to all these other. Cloud providers queuing systems. You're sending it to read us right. You're sending it to every single thing and you're constantly reading the fastest right. So you're always reading the fastest and writing the fastest. And you're accu- it's the best in the world. It's basically the cue that it's like the blockchain q. It's epic idea. It's still super weird. It's not a good idea. That's epic idea. Came native service. everything is a service. It's like saying about actually the reason you said that is because probably running of on your own is hard. No kidding i mean that's do you know what k- native is. Do you know what the problem that product solves that open source project solves. Lucky native was like a cuny cyrillus. Right sort of. It's more like harajuku. Hiroko works like how does her roku like manages servers like this. The cold start problem right k. Native does that can native is open source solution to the cold start problem To the extent that one candle dissolution to the start problem which is kind of just impossible. Right yeah i mean we see that in lambda but i think it's a matter of time before they just solve a value. Solve it dude. You can't solve it. It's not solvable. Solvable problem it's network. Problem like network is unsolvable network. Always takes time. It's always slow this heavy networking problem but the cold start is on just that initial load so if you can find some way to Preemptively do that. No that's that's incorrect. Cold start problem happens whenever you need to spin up. New instances well with lambda. It's there's a cold star and then the containers up but in that cold starts loading bary's it's doing all those initial that's co and if you compare out that and you can do that on a cycle racing money. But that's the trade off between a container and is that service when you get that. I request it spins up. And that's like okay. What is this and the subsequent request. It's warm so it's going so away around that. Is you just run container. That's always on but you're paying for that compute when it's idol that's the trade off so i think it could even be more of like figuring out when service is better than containers but i'm starting to see that gap close like even with lambda. They're making the run time even longer. They're making they're making them even faster and like it's going to collide at some point. People are gonna be like. Why am i renting containers. I can just release. It's so much easier. Or i can just run lambda. Do you want to expand into the infrastructures is a service. Business with panther know yeah infrastructure service. Why not too great business. No sure it's a great business by it doesn't have to do with my mission right like i think i think the why a default simonsen ac had with y. Yeah he has the same glasses you know. Maybe why him so much. I'm just kidding. I think it's a great book and it reminds me a lot of why panther is a security company because panther could be an ops company to and there's very similar problems in ops where they have a ton of data they have to manage it. They've put somewhere if search it lies and there's other companies i mean you've been set segment right. That's more like a analytics company. Right but i think for me. It's you need to have a clear mission like why are you doing what you're doing i think for me. It's i want to help security teams. That's been the mission and the product is a reflection of that. If you muddy in if you muddy i think the offering a little bit it starts to lose. His classes are a little bit more round than mine but he goes back to that. You get recorded to screen share shares. Like this get recorded. I think it does right definitely. That's awesome if you're watching this right now. I'm showing picture of simon cynic and his glasses. That are basically the same as jack jack. What's your last name nag. Leary right neg leary. That's a great last name. I seem to attract people who have interesting last names because most of my friends have interesting last names. I very few friends that are named like smith or like robertson or whatever. It's always something exotic like neg leary. Yeah thank you but you should fall fall twitter. I don't what's on it. What did you talk about like everything he says. It's just like very curated and inspirational but not corny. You know what. I mean like those people who actually shofar rick rubin as well reprove producer. Yeah yeah. He's sticking epic producer. I love ric urban. I mean he's like probably the most. Oh let's talk about music music for a few minutes. Let's do it given your background. We when are we going to read an album together. Dude just went to la. I seriously went to l. A. to record a song i worked here in. La recording studio with a producer and a female vocalist. Who was it was freaking amazing. Or were you doing like a recording. You.

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