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Us tonight for fresh air at seven on Idiot Ate intelligence squared. US. Considers The Corona virus could reshape geopolitics. Some see the virus raising the status of China as Beijing offers assistance to struggling nations, while the Trump administration embraces America first. But others say the corona virus will diminish rather than bolster China Standing in the world a debate eight o'clock tonight and again at 1 a.m. Tomorrow morning intelligence squared US. This morning Bay Area so morning cloudiness, then Sunny Today high sixties to the mid nineties inland. U. S. Supreme Court rules unemployment law in religion. Marketplace Morning report is supported by Fidelity Wealth Management, where advisers work with their clients to develop flexible investment strategies that evolved as their needs change. Fidelity dot com slash wealth Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC. From market place in New York. I'm sory been ashore in for David Brancaccio. Earlier this hour, the Supreme Court handed down to decisions in one, the court said the Trump administration can widen exemptions. For employers who don't want to cover contraception on religious or moral grounds. In the second decision, the Supreme Court ruled employment discrimination laws did not apply to religious institutions when it comes to certain jobs, writing that under the First Amendment Courts are bound to stay out of employment disputes involving those holding certain important positions with churches and other religious institutions. Stay tuned. There'll be a lot more coverage on that today. Covad misinformation. Maybe a multi $1,000,000 business online pushers of conspiracy theories and false information make money from ads served on their sites. Marketplaces Nova Sappho has more The UK based global disinformation index estimates that English language websites trafficking in covert 19 misinformation will make some $25 million from digital advertising this year. Money reportedly comes from major brands such as Cannon, Loreal and Johnson and Johnson. The group says the websites in question publish misinformation, such as conspiracy theories about the origins of the novel Corona virus and stories about unproven and downright dangerous treatments. Sites make money when ads powered by tech giants such as Google and Amazon inadvertently populate next to the content in question because it generates user traffic. Google called the report flawed and the revenue calculations not realistic, A spokesperson said Google is taking an aggressive approach to content that makes harmful claims about covert 19. I'm nervous, Awful for marketplace. As bad as a pandemic job losses have been, it could have been a lot worse. Some companies have managed to cut their labor costs to save money without resorting to permanent layoffs. At least so far. Marketplaces Mitchell Hartmann has more In a recent survey of HR managers, outplacement firm Challenger, Gray and Christmas, found that one in three companies cut employee pay in response to the pandemic, and of that group, 55% reported that cuts allowed them to avoid layoffs. Senior VP Andy challenger says the thinking is won't have our team intact. It won't hurt morale so bad by letting people go. Even when companies do reduce payroll. Some are trying to retain ties to their workers among S and P 500 companies that have caught staff. 3/4 have done it through temporary furloughs rather than permanent layoffs, says Ganache. Raja Paan at Analytics firm. My logic I believe it was down to retain talent, he says. Among companies that did furloughs or hiring freeze is about 1/4 also reduced pay for top executives. Those some of those cuts have since been restored. I'm Mitchell Hartmann for marketplace. Let's take a look at the numbers. The Dow Jones industrial average is up 107 points. That is 4/10 of a percent. D S and P 500 is up 6/10 of a percent..

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