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This is sober me. Imagine if i drank probably plop on the floor in just sleep ray knoll this is like amplified by like a hundred. I'm the most fun drug. ever clearly. cepheid is so fun aright so it was a drinking night in louis planning virginity. Now i was just happened. Wow yeah fares alive junkin decisions whole may no regrets now. What is there to regret the healing if you live life with regrets then you wouldn't have had all these experiences you know. I'd rather embrace it do it that way again. But then i mean when we're gonna do i feel like positive 'cause the the water splashing Plus for sec. I just wanna see what it sounds. Lik the yob it. I mean it's cool. Whatever the fuck whatever. It's broad exciting. That's what i'm gonna say. That's what i say about all my sexual Oh okay and i'll at least it's exciting. No you gotta use condoms. If you use your real name. What am saying is. How old are you out. Seventeen okay late bloomer. Yeah latest visa. But i'm a seventeen at all. My friends like at the loss. There's when they're like fourteen fifteen thirteen to hookers known her people they were actually dating dating just like. Hey oh yeah. Did they meet these hayes like Whatever friends of friends of friends drinking drinking subs twelve. So i've had a little orleans. Also jane yeah i just. I guess was very confident. Drunk when i was twelve so i was like pulling tail or whatever plus looking like that yet because i haven't changed since i was twelve and glove. Fine laissez david club. So i did blow..

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