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Time magazine Love Ted Kennedy in his final years in the mid to late `oughts the weekly Lee magazine published a number of profiles on the long-serving Senator has it began to succumb to health issues seemingly signaling that his time on this earth was coming coming to an end they wrote of his suffering how he had persevered through the tragic assassinations of his brothers John and Robert Kennedy and his own physical trauma from a nineteen sixty four plane crash that left him in chronic pain the articles covered his political legacy naming him as the lion of the Senate crediting him for Supporting Barack Obama in the Democratic primaries and leaving him toward his nomination for president his political record comes up two by two thousand eight Ted Kennedy was the third longest serving senator in the history of the union with eight consecutive terms serving the people of Massachusetts and America at large what the illustrious magazine failed to mention in these series of profiles was the great great black mark of Ted Kennedy's career in July of nineteen sixty nine in the middle of the night. Ted Kennedy drove his car. You're off a bridge on Chappaquiddick Island in Massachusetts in crashed into a pond. The car quickly sank Kennedy managed to to escape but his passenger twenty eight year old Mary Jo Kopechne he was pinned. She drowned in the dark Ted Kennedy. It did not report the incident for ten hours what happened during that time has led to numerous theories about timelines intentions NHS drunk driving and cover-ups orchestrated by powerful individuals all of its swirls around the question. What really really happened that night? What exactly did Ted Kennedy get away with <music>? Welcome to conspiracy theories apar- cast original every Wednesday we dig into the complicated stories behind the world's as most controversial events and search for the truth..

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