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Michael Kamen. Oh, wow. That's cool. When is that? So Sunday Fridays to Barmer Saturday's Mike expense in Sunday's Michael calmly hole. I know machine. So so that's a box for us, man. And then we'll have offered is. Right. We got all coverage all three events on the TV channel. So I'm sure we'll fight chet- the Sunday in the early a Mike Garcia. A review so fans supporters. You guys are in for big big treat coming March six March thirteen week March twelve weeks Mike that when the start on the eleven somewhere around there. But yeah, big things from TB coming out here, man, we come on strong. If. Oh, would you could expect is looking like board awards five will be in June in New York or New Jersey for the AJ fight? And it's looking like, we might have not might. I'm pretty sure we're about ninety seven percent on an appreciation night for that weekend as well. So a lot of festivities in June. Nice. We're gonna have a good old summer for TB v border wars and an appreciation night as sir. So, you know, eat up on Friday morning, you going to be at at keeping the appreciation night with a with a black is you know, what I mean? But hey, you never know as long as I lead with that belt in March and then in June. I'm all right. You can give me all the black guys you want. It would be great if while the crash the party, so he actually come to our party and shit by show up to the age. If I which we know he's not. But Eddie Hearn could be I guess. Oh shit. That's right. And Eddie loves a good shindig. So. Bottled water bottle shit over fucking here. Hey, man. I probably water probably following around with it go. Honestly. Oh. Wind man what's going on his neck. Already, but watch men round we're gonna we're gonna we're gonna get together. And we're gonna put some ideas together with his skills on Photoshop, and we're gonna show you some shit. But let's keep it moving picks though. Did we get our picks though, Laura or TI, Laura, I gotta tease we gotta talk about Brian Garcia who is Panamanian. He's taken on Edward Ramirez. Allitt Ryan tell you the story line because this is a Cantu Kennex or can you? What's his name can do you? Remember guys candy to one that be? Yeah. Yeah. So this is eliminated. I guess for that boat. Granted the fact that whoever wins should prosper in that guy. So his opponent is was it Rodriguez. Whatever. Ramirez ramirez. He previously had an opportunity to fight lease obe-. Unfortunately, he missed weight so he can compete for the title..

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