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The Los Alamos National Laboratory but says the new strain began spreading in Europe in early February and it spread around the globe by the end of March they warn if it doesn't subside in the summer like the fluid could mutate even more and not react to vaccines there's still a debate going on over whether the corona virus hat was manufactured in a lab or if it developed naturally A. B. C. news correspondent linsey Davis spoke with an expert about where it may have actually come from to help us try to make some sense of all this we like to bring in Tom Bossert president trump's former homeland security adviser and ABC news contributor thanks so much for joining us politics so they suggested there is a link between the virus and will haunt lab Dr Fauci seems to knock that down entirely and is said that the science indicates involved in nature who is right and what we know yeah well it is very important to be precise about this language because they could both be right they can also both be wrong at the same time and here's what I mean by that the the the virus itself has been studied by scientists including in the trump administration under the N. I. H. St Francis Collins the director of the NIH has come out and scientifically concluded with a report that they published almost a month ago but it wasn't made by man it wasn't a man made you know genomics kind of can you know conception of humans he was naturally yeah kind of you may be brewing so to speak for maybe even years if not months so the question is did it then transmits a human beings from the market or were they looking at this naturally occurring viruses in the lab and then either intentionally or through some accident release it from that lab so the question is not about origin of the virus that's not man made the question is about whether was released accidentally or whether it was you know a natural occurrence and that's the question being investigated now as we know this virus has already killed tens of thousands of Americans do you envision political or social fallout from suggesting that a Chinese lab is to blame I do that's exactly why it's so important to be careful with that language between the president and secretary of state and and doctors out she they're all saying something similar but to be very clear the fall out from a mistake or an accidental release will be you know somewhat significant but perhaps obviously not that level of war or conflict we've we've had this problem in our country where after nine eleven we had doctors in laboratories not properly caring for the anthrax that they were working on and studying and that could have been a bio laboratory security concerns certainly we can see a buyer laboratory safety concern in China and we want international agreements to improve those standards and those practices of that negligence and and mishaps don't happen but if it were intentionally intentionally released it's not intentionally created but intentionally released that would be tantamount to the largest bio warfare we've ever seen on the planet and so we have to be very careful to make sure we don't imply that unless there's pretty strong evidence you kind of just touched on this but I'm just curious to know if you think that we will ever definitively know the true origin of the virus and how important is that discovery yeah I think that there's a good chance that we'll know so it was both naturally occurring which it is and naturally transmitted let's say from the market down the street we may never be able to prove that there won't be a tie for mayor he said to speak that we can zero in on and talk to but it was released from the lab many alternative intentionally or otherwise we should be able to find evidence of that I believe that's what our intelligence community is looking at now you can talk to lab officials and maybe disgruntled doctors that worked at the lab they were observing their practices one of the first questions I'll have to ask is whether that lab was actually looking at and performing research on this virus so will determine that and then we'll determined through investigation and if there is some link to the lab will find over time that so Tom Bossert the former homeland security adviser for president trump come on it's time five twenty.

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