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You know a personal connection there and that they're willing to do that. Support it throughout their life and they want their kids to calm and the bb generations well if you don't if if you feel that you're wasting your time and universities if you're simply going there to get the diploma f you are frustrated by your professors <hes> that that might be talking down to you or or you're not really engaging. Creatively then have the fact that there is an environment where you actually can fulfill your your intellectual passions. They don't you know i i think helps us stand out in our goal is for people to have the relationship with the institute to feel part of our family after being here a week nick that they want to be a continuing member <hes> not just financially but just thinking about ways that it's up to the front of their families talking to you yeah. That's that's about. It's the good word yeah and the amount of people that do that. The fact the friendships that i've personally i've been able to make <hes> through that is just the quality of people that we end up attracting here. I think is just it's really one of the coolest parts about the whole all experience okay really really quick before we take our first commercial break. <hes> how about a little bit about you though what has been your experience really quick working behind the scenes at the university. I know you get a lot of the spotlight. Sometimes you do because you make some good means from what i've heard <hes> how how has it been working behind the scenes the excitement of seen seen all this kind of unveil itself in front of you. I dream come true. I mean i i gotta get a walk in libertarian hogwarts every day and it's just it's it's wonderful it to i'd like it'd be like the perfect job for anyone who's into the that we are. I'm the luckiest man alive as far as it was a big fan long before. I got here <hes> you know. I tried to actually apply to meet us you when i was working in d._c. And that was the has a very big years at that point they could not the cutoff be having a d. c. a. a job in particular help things but <hes> but you know my first yes. You're working here. You know i was i was so excited i expect expectations and actually seeing it play out. I mean it just it blew. Take a propaganda right. I'm i work. Ah yes that's not to be skeptical of what i'm saying here but just just actually seeing it. You know it was just so much more than i ever thought and you know it wasn't is it really until i was able to be here in this building and and to work with the peop- with with my colleagues day to day basis you're seeing the institute go from just a website that you visit on a fairly regular basis right to actually seeing the people involved with it <hes>. I loved me since before just because the great content but i it's it's it's. It's like a new level levels of yeah like if you're better organization. It's like if you're a gamer right if you like r._p._g. Right and you like dungeons and dragons and there was an actual actual school for dungeons and dragons. That'd be cool. That's what me she's institute is for libertarians important but in but actually hold some like what i played the ones important when it was just fun if it's still pretty cool..

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