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Hugh Jackson is one of the worst coaches in the history of football. And don't tell me. Well, you know, it's the players, and that's why he went three thirty six and one. No, he's on par with David Shula. As one of the worst coaches in the history of football. Did he have a ton of talent there? No. You know, what they're decent team this year. And he's two four to five and one they've lost three straight. There's talent. He should have never had the opportunity to come back this year after he destroyed the Sean Kaiser's confidence last year when Hugh Jackson some sort of quarterback whisperer any destroys a young quarterback. You drafted in the second round. How does he get another opportunity? Destroy another young quarterback. You take first overall. At least Jimmy hasn't had the sense to get rid of Hugh Jackson now. But where was that loyalty Irish, Dan, the loyalty that even got him this year? Now, the Todd Haley thing I don't get so Todd Haley and Hugh Jackson weren't seeing eye-to-eye. Right. That's what the whole story was. They weren't seeing guy. So maybe get rid of one guy. Why get rid of both you want some continuity in the development of Baker Mayfield, keep the OC. Greg Williams has taken over as the interim head coach. That's fine. Let him be the head coach and the DC's been a head coach before right? He's a heck of a DC lead. Haley keep working with the offense. Haley keep working with Baker Mayfield. Look mayfield's going through growing pains what it is every young quarterback in the NFL today. Josh rosen. Sam don't if you look at the four lowest completion percentage is football right now. It's all the four quarterbacks. Taken in the first round that are playing Rosen. Darnold mayfield. And allen. Lowest completion percentage is in the NFL why because they're rookies playing for the first time in the NFL. It's understandable. So the struggles Baker Mayfield. Now, there's twofold, by the way one he's young. And honestly, I'm not sure is his skill set is really worthy of being a number one pick in the NFL very questionable. But I just find it interesting that in the middle of a season you get rid of the entire offense of coaching staff. Like Hugh Jackson was an offensive minded head coach. And Todd Haley Zeo see. So now, you're going to have what a whole new voice really like is that is that what you wanna do for your young quarterback trying to figure things out in his first year as a starter is first year in the NFL. That's why it makes no sense. Get rid of Todd Haley, Hugh Jackson deserve to go because he didn't deserve to be there. Anyway. And he showed once again, he's a garbage head coach. Right. Bottom lines garbage head coach. Maybe I don't know. I don't even think he's great at that. Hugh Jackson, just an overrated guy that people were like, wow. Yeah. You did a great job in Cincinnati whoopy-doo. Andy dalton. Yeah. Look what he did with Andy Dalton. So to me the fact is to make the transition comfortable for Baker Mayfield. You should've kept Todd Haley in there and at the end of the year when you bring in a fulltime head coach, let them decide what they want to do at the OC. Maybe they keep around Todd Haley, maybe they bring somebody else. But at least you have an entire off season to kind of develop Mayfield with the new offenses scheme, a new regime, whatever it is. This is how you screw up a young young quarterback. Seven starts into his NFL career. Or is it six starts in his NFL career? He came in week to week three. Three, right. Week three was his first career start. No, wait a minute. The jets the Browns played week number three. So it was first NFL start was week number four. So you have a guy who's made like four starts in the NFL. And you're gonna take away his and his head coach. Isn't this? Why the Browns have been such a poop show when it comes to developing quarterbacks. Now, maybe they just continuously draft the wrong guys. Or maybe it's the fact that there's no continuity in terms of. Coaches and and play books and things like that to where a young quarterback has no shot to succeed there. But I just think that that's an organization that once again shows that it's completely lost. Completely lost Jimmy has them. Just not a good owner. I think he cares. He does I think Jimmy has wants to win. But some guys just don't know what they're doing it's evident. And I think this move is clearly another sign that Jimmy has them. Does know what he's doing just because two guys aren't getting along. Doesn't mean have to get rid of both guys. Usually if two guys aren't getting along you pick sides. So when I heard that Hugh Jackson was getting fired I thought all right Todd Haley one and then I find out Todd Haley. He's also fired. Ridiculous utterly ridiculous. Greg Williams was like, man. I hope somebody hires me after this year because I can't wait to get the hell out of Cleveland. And by the way, you can't give them the full time job as a head coach Gregg Williams is a great defensive coordinator. He's not a very good head coach. Right. That's what it is. He's like Wade Phillips these guys like defensive savant like like what like Rex Ryan. Yeah. He's great with defense. Is right. You put them in charge of entire what he's doing. All he cared about his defense. Like his dad body. Same thing here. I think right. I put Greg Williams and his Greg Williams really care about the offense. No. The the baby's is defense. And that's why you need a guy like Todd Haley, like whatever you wanna say about Todd Haley, he's born that football spoon in his mouth. And that's why I got the job as head coach of the Kansas City Chiefs they ever deserved whatever. Todd. Haley knows offenses. He's been around long enough. I respect him as an offensive coordinator. Did a good job with the Steelers did a great job the Steelers for six years Antonio Brown. Put up record numbers for six years with him. Rather burgers, great with them. That was great with them. That offense Peng's like a finally to German engine. So why get rid of him? Mean what halfway halfway into his first year in Cleveland? You get rid of them ridiculous. It just dumb. But that's the Cleveland Browns for you. That's the problem with Cleveland. Is it something that you kind of expect from that? Right. It's a move you expect from the Cleveland Browns organization because they seem to do everything wrong. And what do you do at this point eight games in who's going to take that you're not hiring somebody fulltime right now? Watcher bring Jeff Fisher. How would that be? How funny would it be? If they hire Jeff Fisher. Oh.

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