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The quest for immortality the urge to escape the inevitability of death has long been a preoccupation for us as evidenced by the ancient sumerian poem the epic of gilgamesh the oldest example of written literature known today in the poem written sometime around eighteen hundred bc in mesopotamia. The titular gilgamesh part hero part. Arrogant demi-god undertakes nordic <unk>. Mission to find the secret to immortality ought to being confronted by the inevitability of his own death though we might not be demigods like gilgamesh his desperate refusal to accept the inevitability of his fate is a deeply human one and something that many of us can sympathize with whether we elect to place our hopes in the promises of religious teachers or in the invention and imagination of our leading bio gerontologist those that studied the mechanics of aging throughout many of us. Who haven't contemplated the possibility of existing forever in one form or another however although some of those may want for it being mortal israeli portrayed as something desirable and at the very least. There's something that can only be achieved at a great cost from the burdens of connor macleod in his pursuit to become the only remaining highlander to the pitiful efforts of melmeth the wanderer to convince another soul to take on his pact with the devil in return for another one hundred fifty years of life. In fact we take great pains to dissuade ourselves from wanting it. Perhaps this is simply to provide some comfort in the face of such a futile desire. But it doesn't stop us trying back in october this year. A team led by tel aviv. University professor shy f ratty published the results of an extraordinary study in the journal aging study to determine the effect of pure oxygen on the aging process involved placing thirty five adults over the age of sixty four in a hyperbaric chamber and giving them pure oxygen for ninety minutes a day five days a week over the course of three months through this process of frats team found they were able to successfully limit the build-up of senescent cells in the body cells. The today's to the point where they can no longer replicate leaving the body. Susceptible to many age related diseases incredibly not only to this delay the aging process but actually reversed it. Aubrey de grey. One of the best known by. Oh gerontologist has long insisted that medical technology will one day allow us to control the aging process. Even making the stunning claim this back. Two thousand and eight that the first person who lives to one thousand years old is already alive today through some however who'd say that this person isn't just a live right now but they've already lived to be a thousand years old. You're listening to unexplained. And i'm richard mclean smith. It was sometime in the seventeen. Seventies that counted adema marie-antoinette's personal attendant. I met him for her. It was his is most stood out. They were like nothing. She never seen before his teeth to were immaculate and all the more noticeable for being framed by such a thick head of luxury jet black hair and his clothes were simple they were nonetheless made from the finest materials decorated with the most exquisite jewellery. It wasn't a period. She assumed would be accompanied by a certain steely if not arrogant countenance however when she finally plucked up courage to approach one afternoon at the court though was penetrating so too. Was it soft and inviting despite everything countess. It heard about the man. It was quite something to see him. Finally in the flesh looking no more than forty five years old and yet it was back in seventeen forty three over thirty years previously. The first appeared mysteriously one day at the palace of versailles home to king of france. Louis the fifteenth looking exactly the same age

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