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It looked really good at the very start. And then as we've played the Andy Dalton interception in the end zone, and I was watching Twitter and everything else, everyone says typical bears. That's how it always goes. It would have been nice to get in their score Touchdown right off the bat. In Suffice stadium, calm the crowd Donna Little bit, but that was not to be and it didn't take Matthew Stafford very long as the Bears were struggling in that secondary. We'll get to the calls in the 2nd 3123323776 actually go right away to Mitchell and displays Mitchell what's going on? Hey, Fred. First of all, I want to basically play out some obvious things. Andy Dalton is not the problem. This team, okay When you sign Noah Jackson at 39 for your rough tackle, and he comes up the game and what the first series. It's not a great sign number, Strike one. Strike through your open minded viewers of basically thinking that right now you can call a decent game refuses to close down the field. Matthew Stafford was Steve the bird and you know, so I'd listen. I understand that you have a lot of years in this business and you understand to the bird. That's actually Peterburg and he cut up the Bears defense. What the Bears defense. You've got the money in it more when we found good luck with that number three bottom line. Is this your pathetic idea? Just go to your savior is as it is a Johnny Appleseed fairy tale. The bottom line is that you don't want any problem gets gets credit he Steve doing he is he is. He literally is Dave Craig in combination with a guy named Eric. Remember, they can get that fall faster. He's no why the offensive line is a confident They probably did it, You open minded idiot, and you're expected to go to L A. With the number one defense. You know, you're all programs tackle. There's nowhere to be found and said, I ask you this Can be. Give me some insight. Tell me in your vast knowledge being in this business over 46 years, Kelly with the bear stand on defense, please. But they're going to be one of the worst teams right now. If they're secondary, can't do anything. Mitchell appreciate the call. Um, the left tackle position. They bring in Peter's Peter's goes down with an injury. A quad injury they bring in Larry Boram, or, um, gets his leg rolled off upon They under third left tackle of the game. They're all goes back to the bears, not paying enough attention to their offensive line. Not doing enough to bring in guys for the offensive line. They're using their third guy, Their fourth guy, Their fourth left tackle, wasn't even active today. And so as it turned out, fortunately, Wilkinson didn't get hurt. Wilkinson played quite a bit the last couple of years with the Denver Broncos. But Peter's down with a quad Boram. We'll see how bad that leg is. After getting rolled up upon. Um yeah, Parts bad. I didn't think of Fetty played all that bad. I thought that they did a really good job for the most part on Aaron Donald. And you're right about Andy Dalton. He was getting rid of the ball quickly so quickly. They commented on it. Uh, Michael's Cris Collinsworth commented how quickly he was getting rid of the ball and It would be nice to see them throw the ball downfield a little bit. I hate when you go into a game and you're too worried about the corners and you don't throw at him. You got to throw the ball at him. You've got to go after him. You got to test them. And Andy Dalton is a guy that I would like to have seen test them a little bit more downfield a little bit more of some seam route some something. They threw a couple balls over the middle to hold command who actually did have one drop? There was a big drop. He came right back and got it when the game was still Within reach for the Chicago Bears 3123323776 callers saying in there we'll get to all of you will be here all the way to midnight. Something like that. 3123323776 last to talk about as a bear. Go bears go down. They dropped the opener. Everybody in their division loses. At least they weren't the worst team in the division. Today. We'll talk about that much, much more 3123323776 here on ESPN 1000. This is the ESPN Chicago postgame.

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