Louis Farrakhan, Barrack Obama, Chicago discussed on The Sean Hannity Show


A pastor's job is to bring people together first of all i will go on record stating that louis farrakhan it's full of crap in the christmas turkey get that in your mind how much crap turkey is stuffed with around christmas time i don't know him personally but i have a jewish friend that knows him and a jewish friend that paid him he did work for this jewish friend of mine too he did work for the jewish friend of mine to advance a cause jewish when have any used race baiting to advance the calls so i have a different conception of louis farrakhan because i know some things from behind the thing that he's sales people out for the sake of the dollar i mean he's he's he's a pyramid anti semite he's a racist he hates white people and a lot of christian passes black kristen pants of actually suck up to the guy and i'm not amazed at the fact that all of these socalled black leaders sucking up to him as well the those those democrats because to be honest in the black community a rite of passage for them is to suck up to louis farrakhan because they think they need his affirmation backwardation to confirmed their blackness or they're standing in the black community barrack obama was in chicago all those years i'm there's probably a lotta pictures him with farrakhan and a lot of these other blacks i had to speak at any bent one time if someone told me after i finish speaking speaking on behalf of president and they said well you need to meet with the minister i said minister who no i don't need to meet with that guy i wouldn't meet with him he's an anti christian he's a racist he's an anti semite anti white people and he's pro farrakhan and he's playing a lot the nation of islam is not even genuine islam is a hybrid creation it'd be lagged muhammad his guy has become irrelevant and the only thing that gives them relevancy if some black people get beat up a something now he comes back crawling up on his there was a group of white supremacists nazis neo nazis and it in your view they wanted to do some good work in.

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