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The pumpkin spice bs is ardian stores we just just got into august okay were still celebrating summer here we need pumpkin spice the starbucks all the button all the products even starbucks is shown their restraint with what they're offering you know they're letting oneseason play out at a time but i was in the grocery store and i saw life pumpkin spice life cereal and then i saw the word there's candy pumpkin spice flavored and i'm starting to see all the little pumpkin spice things pop up you have two weeks after labor day yes absolutely still summer that's fall magazine no right how's all your role my inner basic bitch is dancing right now and it's amazing there enjoy your summer it's not fall yet we'll meghan hates summer as she she talks all the time like a remember those days we had were was like a little bit cooler during the day like was like 68 degrees a couple of weeks ago she's like this the greatest day ever is like rainy and everybody's crap about that you probably like yesterday in the afternoon you only after it was chilly yesterday yeah it was amazing i can't wait for now i want to this not a mile and in the morning now i would ask shut up right now let's not her microphone and michaels on friday i was in michaels they have all their aisles of halloween decorations out already but what are you going to do what halloween decorations now white well now you can't do that they had the quaker oats pumpkin spice oatmeal hum tell me more not dirty talk to me every month has been in its time why don't we just do christmas then why don't we just skip all the lewinsky rachel can't wait to look like han solo with my long sleeved shirt my vast and my skinny and bring it on now rachel you nodding win meghan said that she hated summer you hate summer too who is it entirely in others mike connors baby he us dirty water because the kids excuse me because linkages excuse i'll forever well i sounds to me.

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