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You guys have some insights going. He's gone for a month. It's just no men all get all excited like that we guilty. Yeah when you're when you're even when you're calm you start twitching really when you lips moving you guilty. You guys aren't talking to young girls about problems. We're barely talking about problems. We're GONNA talk about anything. It sound true men never visited. This is a way that married men shoot their shots so they start with fall when you instagram photos. Then they'll move to. Oh you do these things that all my wife doesn't oh you cooked that meal. My wife doesn't Cook Anymore. They start complaining about the person they're with. If there is a man talking to you about the problems in his relationship he is trying to get up in that thing. And I'm not talking about your house. I talk about these things. I realized how many people are not trying to shoot me. Weird onto more housewives news. Much Brandy Glanville just drops in series names and stories from her little black book. She admitted to dating. David Schwimmer. But it was another friend star that she went out with I so I initially with Matt Leblanc. Had One date with that went back to his house. He let his dog lick his ice cream and I was out. I slept with David. I didn't sleep with Matt. I made out with one of the men in the notebook. They were single at the time. That's all I will say. James Marsden Iran. Does James say. I'm David Ben Stiller for a little while he's giant Pena's lot. I know shocking but actually not shocking at the same time.

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