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Finance lenders law license. Sometimes life just throws you a curve ball. An unexpected event happens that totally changes your outlook on life. It could be the death of a loved one. A natural disaster. A big break in your career today story is about one of those moments amplified to the max. Something's worth shatteringly. Strange happens to two men in pascagoula mississippi that not only changes their outlook. It completely ruined the rest of their lives. It's october eleventh. Nineteen seventy three in forty. Two year old. Charlie hickson in nineteen year old calvin parker or fishing on the pascagoula river despite the age difference or super close family friends. Charlie's always been kind of a father figure to calvin and today they're celebrating. Calvin recently got engaged and to help pay for the wedding. He started to work as a welder. The shipyard were charlie's a- format by nine pm. The sun has set in. They're about ready to pack up but before they go home they try out one last fishing spot appear by the old shopping or shipyard and that's when things get weird as charlie reaches into his tackle box for a piece of bait. Here's this zipping. Sound coming from behind him. It's loud enough. That he and calvin both turn around and they see this vehicle in the distance. That has these blue flashing lights at first. Calvin some cops are poking around his car. But the lights start to get closer and calvin realizes it can't be the police. He's never seen any squad car. That's the size of a yacht and floats in mid air. Yeah whatever this vehicle is is now about seventy feet away hovering two feet off the ground. And it's huge about thirty feet long charlie. In calvin stare at this thing in total confusion. They have absolutely no idea what to do or what to make of it and before they can formulate a plan a super bright light shoots out of the. I guess you'd call it a ship. The lights coming from a door on the side of the ship which is opening and something is coming out of it before they know it. Charlie and calvin are face to face with three strange looking creatures. They're about five feet tall and have somewhat human features like they clearly have arms legs ahead but they're covered in loose gray skin almost like an elephants and their faces are like nothing the men have ever seen. There are these sharp pointy spikes or their nose and ears should be their eyes and mouths look like slits kinda like a snake's nostrils but they could just be flaps of wrinkled skin charlie and calvin can't tell and despite having legs they don't use them like their ship. The creatures hover. About two feet off the ground. And as they float towards charlie and calvin the two men noticed their hands there too long pincers that look like lobster claws now the men become completely frozen in fear because they don't run they just stand there as one of aliens reaches out and grabs calvin by the arm. With one of its claws. The pinch is followed by a sharp pain. And then nothing. Kelvin's whole goes numb. He's completely paralyzed. The last thing calvin remembers is his body floating inside the spaceship and being surrounded by a brilliant light after that everything goes dark. Charlie on the other hand still has his bearings. Whatever the aliens did to. Calvin doesn't seem to work on charlie after getting pinched charlie's paralyzed but completely awake as the aliens flow his body inside the ship. He comes to a stop inside a brightly-lit room without being able to move his neck. He can't see much of what's around him but he can see what looks like a large screen that has a strange football shaped crystal inside. It's small silver and moves around like an eye. When charlie passes by the screen the crystal starts examining him moving up and down. Like it's taking a scan this whole time. Charlie has no idea where calvin as he tries to scream his friend's name but he quickly realizes he can't he physically can't make any noise and that's when the reality of the situation starts to set in charlie is completely and totally vulnerable. He can't move he can barely see. He has no idea what these aliens planned to do to him. I mean for all. he knows. They're going to cut him open and examined his insides like every sifi story with thankfully. That's not what happens. Charlie doesn't see any of the creatures again. He slowly regains his mobility and aliens just float him out of the ship. They're still in mississippi. Right by the river as charlie's hovering above the riverbank. The aliens release whatever hole they have on him and his body slumps. The ground calvin is already standing on the riverbank arms outstretched with a look of terror on his face. Charlie gets up to greet his friend as he does he. Here's another zipping sound. He turns around just in time to see the ship with its blue flashing lights. Raise straight into the air and blink out of sight. And just then charlie. Here's a voice in his head. Say we're peaceful. We mean you no harm and then it's over. It's eerily still on the riverbank. The only movement is coming from calvin who understandably is freaking out unlike charlie. He's been knocked out this whole time. He has no idea what happened to him and neither one knows how much time has passed until they make it back to their car. It turns out. It's only about ten pm. The entire abduction only took an hour naturally. Charlie and calvin sit in their car for a bit. Just trying to make sense of what happened. Who had it worse. Is it better to know more or less but before long the conversation becomes about what they should do next. At first charlie tells calvin they should probably keep the whole encounter to themselves but after some swigs of whiskey their nerves are steeled and they changed their minds. they have to tell someone. It's the right thing to do. Sure the alien said they mean no harm but how can they sure there aren't about to trust a bunch of space creatures that paralyzed and abducted them and if this happened to them it could happen to someone else to and maybe the next time people won't be so lucky. So around ten fifteen. Charlie and calvin drive to a pay phone and call the us air force. The kiesler airforce base is only about thirty miles away but after breathlessly reporting their account the men learned that the air force doesn't really care. The woman on the other end tells him that the air force no longer handles alien encounters the air force did spend a ton of time investigating ufo sightings across the country. But the last study code-named project blue book ended in nineteen sixty nine after that. The air force shelf their alien tracking efforts for good. Which leaves charlie in calvin at a loss. They're afraid that if they call the local sheriff's office. We laughed off the line or worse sent to a psychiatric hospital but as they drive home the eventually decide. The ridicule is worth it by the time. Charleen calvin call. The sheriff's department is around eleven pm. When a captain answers the phone charlie begs him not to laugh at what he's about to report after the captain assures him that he'd never charlie says well we got picked up by a ufo and the captain immediately breaks his promise. He bursts out laughing but after he gets it all out of his system. He tells the two men to come down to the station. he's willing to hear them out..

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