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I don't know how you could hear an audition and go yup gonna put him in there. Booger mcfarland was more advanced in that situation. And you put him on the booger mobile wasn't even allowed in the booth because of whitten's contract where he was the only guy in the booth but i it feels like herbstreet and fowler are going to end up doing monday night. Football or if something happens with Abc and i mentioned this. This is According to andrew marchant of the new york post. Nfl's monster tv deals with networks and amazon could surpass billion dollars. Total value is according to the new york post. Nobody wants thursday night. Cbs fox nbc espn. They don't want thursday night. Amazon takeover thursday night. But the the nfl. This looks like it could be a ten year deal. And i think that. Abc sports you know. Maybe maybe abc gets a super bowl espn slash abc gets a super bowl there. But that's a whole lot of money here. The current approaches ten billion a year and broadcast revenue. Espn fox cbs nbc. Direct tv have contracts that add up to nearly eight billion dollars per season but this is a ten year deal and they're looking at one hundred billion dollars. Apple is another possibility here. According to the new york post amazon has the advantage of already being partners with the nfl. It owns the digital rights to thursday night football. Those games also air on nfl network. That's part of the issue. Nobody wants thursday night football or at least not at that price because it's not exclusive. You're sharing with nfl network and these partners are saying well let us have thursday night football and which i you know it's like hey it's on fox but also the nfl network. All right seems counterproductive. But maybe they're taking bites of to apples there. But i never understood that. You're gonna pay all that money for gay. I would love for them to get rid of thursday night games..

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