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What i do. Yeah so so he goes on you. I mean they're both pitching the same thing in now. You know now. When i when i look at actions and behaviors What i said tiff winning that. H posture seven hundred fifty thousand dollars. So that's what it's gotta be and yes. I agree with With pink their exam. You're wanted to hear that answer. That is that's the thing right like he wants. Tiffany pay for that decision when that h h And and so you know. It's he wanted her pitch to be worse because he wants her to be the one pay. It feels like ever since the the non member. I mean weeks leading up to this like this side of like xavier came out. That wasn't always there. Like i've always saw xavier at. I like this like very cool. Calm collected guy was always expression the options you know taking his time but like ever since like the cookout hit their their goal ever since it was just like melissa. It's like he's just been on this type time whereas like as a little cocky It's a little. I don't know i don't know how to explain it. He's just like really over his head. And i don't i don't think that he has its head. Fleeing game feels like the games kind of got into like he just. I don't know he's not the same player. He was a couple of weeks ago on my book. They're going to play or sorry before that aasa tries again to talk about keeping tiffany. He again says now then they play some cops and robbers but after that hannah talks to the cameras and she explains the pitch. She made you executor. She says she does meaning when she says that she would probably vote for acts in the end that You know she talked about how you know. Especially because of the cookout and the message that they were trying to come have come across for the season she does want somebody who chief feels like a played a respectable and an honest game to to represent the season dench in so for that reason because she has talked about like. She doesn't necessarily think that xavier dawn a lot. But she wants an honest and respectable winner and so she says she probably would vote for x. but that doesn't mean she won't cut him In the game if she has the ability to because she can't move forward with both And chi and chi has it in his head that he has to be in the end with xavier because he has a massive ego and he doesn't sit sitting next to anybody else's respectable. So if i win next week she says. I've got to get rid of one of the to at the very least and she's hoping that if a big d. or is a win that They don't particularly like to go after xavier but maybe she can get them to go after island Sorry no she thinks that And.

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