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That's seem the movie that will ultimately be made about the Hollywood book, though, boys feud, Meghan feud. Well, I guess we should probably tell the the mission impossible story. Everyone is expecting us to announce the watch of mission impossible on this. We've been hearing about it for weeks and we should, you know, get to the bottom of what was going on. We were, you'll start roasting, y girl a little bit here. Well, we were very excited to do the show. We go to Mitch and Weicker. They're like, yeah, let's do it. And then maybe two minutes later. Why? Ghur says. I've, we've actually, we just set up an episode to talk about all the mission impossible's on on a Doboy double. Yeah, we will wait schedule that before we started talking about this. We had a, we had been Rogers on action scheduled it. I didn't know about it either, but we'd we'd had a schedule that can show you the time stamps by the way we do quick shrimp update. We have a moment. Yeah, eating. You took the gush rip he. The ghost wasn't wasn't a spicy, incredibly spicy. Thank you. Yeah, I would imagine. So did you have a glass of milk or anything or you just fine? Just I'm just taking it. Yeah, I'm just tough is have a sinus things. Helping me. I a big stuff quote, hog a big stuffy eight, a language steam. I mean thirty two shrimp so far here I am eating geo duck. Gooey duck or I don't know gooey duck. I've heard it pronounced. It's spelled g. e. o. d. u. c. k. and you wanted to do the update so you must have a human of views in very funny. I had. I had to shrimp. Yeah. Passed your test. That pass your test. I get look. I get what the ideal. I'm not all. Normal number of shrimp for this point at the competition, he he's thirty. Which is, I don't know what the bit is there. But that's not even a bit. He only in the shrimp off. He really did eat this slow, the ASO. He's playing into his care and I probably had about thirty to my character. This thirty two, if you if you re analyzed, which I'm sure people listeners will if you go back a few seconds on this thirty, two was the funniest dancer of all four. So so why go basically heard about this concept took Ben Roger someone who is associated with a Hollywood handbook franchise, but it is not either of us and said, I'll do the exact saying, I'll burn it off in one episode instead of doing a series episode. Could I make money off of behind a pay? They could say an away an extra series could siphon people might end up choosing between mission, impossible, the Doboy double. I think we know what choice they would be making at that point. Wijers this too dangerous. I have to snuff this candle right now. I'll talk a little bit too. About what happened with mission impossible, which is we got emails or texts from at least to your wolf Stitcher employs going like, that's a slam dunk. We're definitely going to do that idea. We're all gonna talk about it tomorrow and then just nothing ever and I'm like, okay, do I do I have to do I have to ask, sounds like, hell you who are these certainly John. Just a just to elaborate on what exactly happened. So we'd preview I'd previously scheduled this episode with Ben Rogers, the mission impossible idea which I'm still open to, and I think is a good idea was was brought up by you guys. I explained that we'd already scheduled this thing. You guys wanted to cancel. You guys want me to say, hey, Ben, where we're not gonna do this episode actual after. All right, to cancel. Yes, I'm yes, I wanted you to possibly change what you talked about. For example, you could talk about food. Cama quick intra Jackson here. I think we can do both. I think it's, I think. The bed to finish without having been Rogers episode, we can still do mission impossible because it's you don't get you did a good job. No, Ben was great. Ben was Ben is. Ben is fantastic, and I thought it was a good self date episodes. Maybe would like a deep dive of each of the injuries, and I think we can still do that..

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