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Businessman would it be okay for a businessman or an executive that was coming in greeting the employs to be kissing them on the cheek no come on let's be out there's no way non who no no no no no no no no no i'm not going to stretch this binding no way would that be okay i think of my boss i think of our general manager i think you vara president of our company in all the holy toward it folks are the company and and i don't care which one would be male or female any them walk on kissy people a cheek that would be a big nono that would be a bignona would you accept a kiss on the chief executive producer chris i think you to pull your your leather man knife aren't ya yet only if he gets a belt and have yes he can kiss associate bruce davis says if you can kiss me back with his fist that he then so there's no way this is acceptable but i think what he said well we'll guys it's me i support gay folks i support transgender folks on leftists liberal to extreme it's okay for me three guys do as i say not as i do workplace experts say the mayor was out of line that has charm offensive was not charming and was more than a little bit offensive absolutely horrible says one workplace expert absolutely horrible and although the also wealth with flu season around at once plenty i like that the blasier says will look man for the last thirty or so years i've been involved in professional in public life thirty plus years he says that has been the norm and it's been a.

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